RoomRaccoon Unveils Newest Version of its Platform

RoomRaccoon screenshot of new interface

RoomRaccoon, an all-in-one hotel management system, has announced the next generation of its platform. The new design was unveiled at RoomRaccoon’s annual Check-In Hospitality Summit in Breda and delivers simpler, user-centric technology to hotels to manage, market and grow their business. 

The release introduces new navigation screens which are designed to improve the user experience and take hotels into the new era of hotel management. The visual enhancements and improved navigation make the platform much more intuitive and encapsulate the innovation of the number one Hotel Management System.

Nadja Buckenberger, the founder and head of product at RoomRaccoon, shared: “The evolution of RoomRaccoon’s platform continues our purpose of empowering hoteliers with smart technology that is accessible and drives better-performing businesses. The simple and modern design places hoteliers at the center of the experience to reduce friction in adoption.” 

“One of the challenges we face as an all-in-one solution is effectively showcasing all of our modules in a digestible, easy-to-navigate way. The new navigation does an excellent job at bringing more visibility to all of our modules so that our users can truly benefit from the entire platform,” says Buckenberger. 

The new navigation dashboard includes:

Overview: The new design highlights three of RoomRaccoon’s primary modules: Reservations, Channel Manager and Market Place. 

Marketplace: The marketplace screen showcases all available connections and integrations RoomRaccoon has with its partners. 

Favorites: The new navigation features a customizable menu, otherwise known as a favorites section, which allows hoteliers to tailor their navigation with frequently accessed modules.

Expandable menu: The sidebar on the new release allows users to either expand or collapse the menu view for a more streamlined experience. 

Property Switch: For clients with multiple properties, there is now a property switch feature that allows you to seamlessly navigate through your properties at the click of a button. 

Amor de Wilde, Product Manager at RoomRaccoon, adds: “The mobile navigation is much more user-friendly, so hoteliers really can manage their entire property from anywhere, and at any time.”


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