Robert Irvine Extends Partnership with Comcast Business

Comcast Business today announced it will extend its partnership with celebrity chef, restaurateur, and entrepreneur Robert Irvine following a successful relationship in 2013. Last year, Irvine participated in a series of Comcast Business sponsored events to help bring to life the connection between technology, business success and customer satisfaction within the Hospitality industry. In addition to events, a video webinar platform was launched called Irvine on the InsideSM to help communicate how technology can help restaurants improve their operations.
In 2014, Irvine will work with Comcast Business to further educate the hospitality industry on the importance of using technology to help improve efficiency, increase revenue and reduce costs. The partnership will once again include opportunities to interact with Irvine directly at a series of in-person and online events, as well as through print, online and digital assets. Additional episodes of Irvine on the Inside SM will also be produced to illustrate technology use cases within the restaurant environment.
Comcast Business Hospitality provides a suite of Ethernet, Internet, HD voice and video services packaged in an integrated offering that is customized for the hospitality industry. Comcast’s product suite enables restaurants, bars and hotels to leverage advanced technology from a single provider so that they can utilize cloud computing and other Web-based resources to improve back-office functions and manage costs.
Comcast’s portfolio is built for business, and built for the hospitality industry. Comcast built its network for speed and reliability, serving 39 states and 20 of the nation’s 25 largest markets, to give restaurants, bars and hotels access to superior data, voice and video services.
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