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Rewards21 Debuts New Card-Linked Offer Tech Platform

Rewards21 – a Chicago-based rewards program that provides cash back for dining – said it introduced a card-linked offer (CLO) technology platform that allows registered consumers to earn cash back by simply using their credit or debit cards at participating restaurants, removing the hassles of coupons. The technology can track an online advertisement or registration to an offline transaction in less than a minute.

The Rewards21 CLO platform provides an easy, free and seamless experience for both diners and restaurants. After registering for free, diners can earn rewards on top of the rewards they already earn by paying with their registered credit or debit cards. Restaurants can harness massive marketing power without the hassles of creating and managing coupons, dealing with fine print, wait staff training, mistakes on tipping, and all the other friction associated with coupon distribution and management.

Consumers once found coupons in circulars, then online, and in recent years while the purchase of coupons became wildly popular, the consumer was left with a multi-step process of purchasing, printing and presenting to merchants to earn the discount. Now, the coupon can be automatically attached to the own credit or debit card through the Rewards21 technology platform. And the Rewards21 platform is ideal for business lunches and dinners, entertaining clients, dates or any dining experience where the diner wants to avoid the stigma and friction of a coupon.

Rewards21 recently completed an equity financing round bringing raised capital to $2,725,000. The round will help expand Rewards21’s presence and offerings across the country. The Rewards21 technology is a prime example of online to offline (O2O) commerce as it can track an online action to an in-store transaction, ultimately providing the ability to give attribution to the online advertiser. In this case, a simple one-time online registration can be tracked to a transaction in a restaurant or any retailer. Industry experts estimate O2O commerce to be a trillion-dollar growth opportunity.
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