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Revention Releases Full Service Module

Revention has announced the launch of a comprehensive Full Service Ordering module.  Revention’s market growth across all restaurant and bar concepts made full service features the next step in this expansion.
Revention Full Service offers a Guest Management solution that provides real-time kitchen preparation times, table turns, and order status alerts.  Guest Management also monitors “To Go” orders to ensure all guests are receiving the highest level of consistent service. 
Revention Table Management now offers graphical indicators that allow managers to quickly assess the status of each table within the dining room.  Revention’s intuitive split check functionality is easy to manage and includes features such as, one-click split by seat number and the split item function.  Revention has also added additional features to streamline kitchen efficiencies including, hold and fire, kitchen production item counts, and production times and timers.
Revention will be demonstrating the new Full Service module at the upcoming National Restaurant Association show in Chicago, May 21-24, 2016.
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