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Revention Partners with Vantiv Inc. for EMV Solution

Revention, a custom point of sale solutions provider for the hospitality industry, partners with Vantiv, Inc. to provide a secure EMV payment solution.  Vantiv, Inc. is a provider of payment processing services and related technology solutions for merchants.  Vantiv’s payment platform provides point to point encryption (P2PE) of credit card data, which greatly reduces the PCI compliancy requirements of merchants. 
The secure EMV payment solution also provides the merchants with the ability to process NFC contactless payments such as Apple Pay and Android Pay (formerly known as Google Wallet), as well as PIN debit cards. 
Since the EMV liability shift in October, the adoption rate of Revention’s new payment processing solution has been gaining momentum, according to Revention spokesperson. It is expected that by the end of Q1 2016, customers will consider the EMV payment solution as a standard in point of sale functionality.
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