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Restaurant Uses Technology to Make Every Aspect of Dining Experience Interactive

OSHI Asian Restaurant in Cyprus opened with an interactive system developed in-house by Kodisoft company, Interactive Restaurant Technology (IRT). From the moment a visitor enters they will see IRT components in action – such as interactive terminals that allow customers to see current menu, table availability, and to preview dishes. Each of 80 seats gives a customer fully interactive control of his dining experience through gesture recognition on a 55-inch LED screen. Guests can easily explore the menu, which includes image previews, descriptions and nutritional information for each item.
Recommendations, suitable for guest’s choice, are available as well. After the order is made, it travels straight to the kitchen or the bar. While waiting for his order, a visitor can look into the kitchen via webcam, explore the map of Cyprus, or play an interactive game. He can also change the appearance of the table, access his bill at any time, request a waiter, order a taxi and much more. A regular customer gets bonuses: personal account, discount and order history. On the next visit a guest will receive menu suggestions based on his own taste preferences from the IRT Smart System.
The OSHI restaurant was opened at the end of 2011 and has been running for only one year. It reached operating profit by the end of the second month and had fully returned on investments in six months.  

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