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The Restaurant Technology Network Takes Center Stage at MURTEC 2019

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RTN Workgroups Gear Up

RTN workgroups are innovative think-tanks, where all members have a seat at the table. Technology companies and restaurateurs will roll up their sleeves and collaborate to solve real-world problems, create best practices and publish standards.

RTN members enjoy first-rights access to everything that workgroups publish, which empowers technology companies to go to market faster with solutions designed to spec, while allowing restaurants to roll out new technologies with greater confidence and efficiency. 

Workgroup chairs will be rewarded with the opportunity to present standards and best practices findings live on stage at MURTEC and MURTEC Executive Summit events.

What is RTN? 

The Restaurant Technology Network (RTN; is a membership community hyper-focused on technology innovation in restaurants. 

Get Involved.

RTN is officially open for business, and membership is on the rise. RTN brings together the best and brightest technology minds inside the restaurant technology ecosystem, including restaurateurs, suppliers, consultants and academics, in unique, collaborative ways to foster ideas, create best practices and develop industry standards. 

RTN Session at MURTEC 2019

Tuesday, March 12th 2:15-3:05pm

Meet RTN & Help Mold Workgroups That Work

Join industry leaders from Hospitality Technology Next Generation (HTNG) as well as HT’s new membership community Restaurant Technology Network as they lead a productive brainstorming session dedicated to forming RTN workgroups. RTN workgroups are being established to address industry pain points and spark innovation, resulting in published best practices and standards. Open to all MURTEC attendees, this session dives into what workgroups are and how they function. Claim your seat at the table and speak up about the real-world technology issues plaguing the industry. Find out how you can be part of an industry-wide solution from the ground up.

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