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Restaurant Group Vigilant About Online Commentary

Garces Group operates 15 award-winning restaurants serving the celebrated cuisine of the renowned Iron Chef Jose Garces. Garces Group’s vice president of operations, Melissa Scully, keeps her finger on the pulse of online customer commentary about their family of restaurants with the help of newBrandAnalytics. Scully believes restaurant-specific customer insights are key to identifying the high points of customer service that differentiate the brand as well as uncovering trouble spots before they potentially become an issue that could affect a guest's enjoyment and dining recommendation.
The management at Garces believe it’s important to share social data with a variety of managers and culinary staff across its restaurant brands.  
The updated product suite allows newBrand customers to:
Understand What Their Customers Say and Who They Are: nBA Insight uses industry-specific algorithms to collect unstructured online customer feedback, decipher it on a local, regional and brand level, and provide deep location-specific performance analytics, benchmarks, and top and bottom themes with detailed reviews. Data deciphered by nBA can track company performance over time as well as filter reviews by author attributes to identify the most influential reviewers. Furthermore, users can normalize and filter by star ratings to understand how customer insight relates to your star rating on a variety of sites.
Engage Immediately with Reviewers: nBA Connect allows companies to quickly assess reviews most in need of response, begin a dialogue with reviewers, monitor progress of engagement, and track internal customer engagement goals. Reviews can be accessed directly from alerts to engage with the customer immediately. Additionally, with Twitter localization, it is possible to link exactly which store or property the customer is reviewing with their specific operational feedback. Features also allow organizations to go the extra mile and connect with select reviewers by finding authors based on their specific attributes.
Discover What Draws Customers to Competitors: nBA Advantage gathers and distills volumes of social media feedback to give companies a robust look at where they’re being surpassed by competitors so they can use that insider knowledge to win customers and increase market share. Performance can be compared by any number of keywords to provide a competitive advantage including: products, people, time of day, or any other business relevant data.
Get Data On the Go: In nBA’s newest technological release, social intelligence can be pushed to any mobile device with the ability to customize the data for any level user. No more spending time behind a computer screen to understand customer feedback, operators will now be able to offer more face time to customers.
Using this enhanced functionality enables customers to achieve unprecedented levels of awareness of the location-specific customer experience including the ability to track product and service sentiment over time, monitor the status of current promotions, find and engage with the most important reviewers, and define new strategies to drive loyalty and increased revenues.  

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