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Resort Increases Efficiencies with Online Support

The luxury oceanfront Surf & Sand Resort in Laguna Beach, Calif. is adding operational efficiencies throughout multiple departments of the 167-room property with the help of GoConcierge, a guest service operations solution. GoConcierge is produced by Los Angeles-based

The hotel is formerly a user of Gold Key Solutions’ The Concierge Assistant, which acquired in late 2012.

GoConcierge is used not only by the concierge team but also by front desk and other guest service associates tasked with tracking amenities, packages and lost and found items.

Using GoConcierge’s online Guest Task Calendar, hotel associates can log and track guest and other requests and tasks quickly and easily. With just a few clicks, these can be entered and located. The calendar is color coded, which makes it easy to highlight open, pending and closed tasks. Because a history of each guest’s request is stored in GoConcierge, it is easy to generate itineraries. These can be printed or e-mailed in a matter of seconds along with a personalized confirmation letter for the guest. Point-to-point directions and maps also can be generated quickly.

GoConcierge’s text messaging option in the Calendar is another feature that is frequently used to help provide immediate and easy communication between the concierge and guests. Concierges can use the calendar to send instant messages up to 160 characters in length to guests via their cell phones. When a guest responds to the text message, it automatically appears in the Calendar as a flashing message to alert the concierge so the request can be handled quickly.

Buttons on the GoConcierge screen link directly to frequently visited sites. A customized location database within GoConcierge allows concierges to quickly identify area restaurants and attractions. GoConcierge makes it easy to generate many types of helpful reports.
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