Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel to Open as a Living Digital Hotel

The Renaissance New York Midtown Hotel, set to open in spring 2016, will become New York City’s first multi-sensory, interactive “living” hotel.  Created with the award-winning digital design firm RÉalisations Inc. Montreal, Renaissance will bring to life technology not yet seen in any other New York hotel, creating corridors that come alive with human interaction and digital artwork that changes with every visit.

Guests and visitors entering the hotel from either 34th or 35th Streets will interact with stunning digital displays projected along the corridor, a passage which spans the length of the block. The display does not change on its own, it only responds to human movement, and the interaction between guests and the wall creates a visual tapestry of subtle, organic graphics. In producing this ambient intelligence, an environment that is sensitive and responsive to the presence of people, RÉalisations Inc. Montreal utilized a variety of technologies including reflective wallpaper, motion detectors, projectors and 3D cameras to capture and project data and movement occurring in the corridor.  The result was a “living,” interactive wall, which showcases the vision of the digital future.

At the elevator bank near the 34th Street entrance, guests will find specially-curated digital imagery featuring local artists and neighborhood experiences, showcasing the ever-changing tapestry of the city and the energy of the surrounding Garment District.  Timed to mirror the opening and closing of the elevators, the projected digital displays will always be evolving, to offer surprising moments every time a guest steps in or out. 
Part of the “living” element of the guest experience will be the hotel’s virtual concierge, located in an alcove between the 34th Street entrance and the elevators.  A large screen comes to life when a user steps onto words projected on the floor, activating a wealth of information including local cuisine, live music, theater, shopping and other hyper-local activities. Tied to the hotel’s Navigator program and curated in collaboration with Time Out New York, users will be able to select their desired activity and location by activating various areas of interest with just a point of their finger.
Another highly-anticipated digital aspect of the hotel is the four-story LED clock at the top of the building. Facing north and south, the clock’s imagery will continuously change so that the illustration changes every second for a total of 86,400 images every day. Various eclectic styles and colors will enhance the city skyline and bring the hotel to life for all to enjoy.  A replica clock, mirrored in real time, is located over the 34th Street entrance for guests to view as they walk into the hotel.
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