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RealTime Reservation Debuts Social Distancing Module for Hotels

RealTime Reservation has been working hard with its hotel partners trying to figure out the best ways to provide hotel guests with a safe and enjoyable experience. The company deconstructed the entire guest experience in order to ensure that every step of the guest journey is mapped out to include social distancing concepts. RealTime Reservation’s Social Distancing Module provides hotels & resorts with the tools they need to thrive, survive, and adhere to social sistancing standards.

How does it work?

“The application is white labeled into the hotel experience,” says President Shawn Tarter. “We offer our hotel partners a complete inventory management system for all products and services. We do not use any GPS technology or our own app as guests are assigned locations based on what’s available at the hotel they are booking something at. 

“Our software offers a complete integration with what each hotel offers,” Tarter ads. “This prevents double bookings, offers guests multiple images of the property they are staying at, and offers each hotel the ability to manage each reservation with ease.”

The Social Distancing module will allow properties to:

•       Limit the guest capacity throughout their hotel’s gym, pool, or beach
areas by using dynamic availability, time slotting, and dynamic pricing
•       Automate all guest bookings in order to reduce any unnecessary guest
•       View real-time updates on your capacity levels
•       Fully track all system activity on back-end reporting
•       Customize the aesthetics and branding of their hotel’s website
•       Utilize every square foot of their property to help them create activities where guests would be required to book in advance

•       Allow for contact-less Food & Beverage ordering for any poolside, room service, or to-go orders

Hotels interested in learning more can view this video:

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