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Ready’s Split Check Feature Recognized for Top UX

Ready, a financial technology company that offers seamless self-pay and food ordering solutions to hospitality venues across North America, has been named this year’s Vancouver User Experience Awards winner in the UX for Products category for its Ready Split Check feature. This award recognizes the company that best embodied the criteria of a BC-based digital product whose digital experiences enrich and engage across a broad spectrum of domains. 

Based in Vancouver, Ready’s mission is to improve the guest experience in restaurants and large format venues alike. Without the need for expensive hardware, Ready is a seamless and integrated solution for partners. For guests, Ready allows them to use their phone to split and pay their check whenever they’re ready, without any barriers or additional cost. Ready launched its Split Check feature in July 2019 across all partner venues. 

“We’re so thrilled to be recognized for our innovative payment experience. We know the importance of providing guests with a frictionless experience at every touchpoint and our team has been working tirelessly to ensure our product delivers that for all of our restaurant and stadium customers,” said Laurent May, Head of Ready. “We’ve also been honoured to be a part of the process. Coming together with other tech leaders in Vancouver who are collectively creating innovative digital products has been an incredible experience, and a testament to the talent we have in the technology space right here in BC.”

Ready works closely with its partners to integrate into their existing Point of Sale (POS) systems to ensure its end product is solving real problems that are best suited to each venue’s needs. Ready also looks for customer feedback to continually improve its product and meet the demands of its partners. 

Ready Split Check is now live in all venues using Ready. For more information, visit or stop by their booth at MURTEC.


For guests, Ready allows them to use their phone to split and pay their check whenever they’re ready,
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