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React Mobile Partners with Amadeus to Give Hotel Workers Emergency Alerting Capabilities

React Mobile, a company that offers personal safety solutions for enterprises, announced that it partnered with Amadeus to power widespread panic button alerting capabilities for global hotel brands utilizing Amadeus Service Optimization Solutions, (HotSOS and HotSOS Housekeeping).  As a result of the partnership, hotel workers at more than 70 percent of global hotel brands in more than 70 countries will now have emergency alerting capabilities available to them.
A number of cities – including New York and Seattle – have passed local legislation that mandates the availability of a mobile panic buttons for every hotel worker. By combining the React Mobile Safety Platform with HotSOS and HotSoS Housekeeping, ReactMobile is able to help Amadeus hospitality customers save time and money while addressing these new requirements.
HotSOS is a cloud-based mobile solution for full-service hotels that manages the guest request, service order tracking, and preventative maintenance scheduling, while reducing costs. In particular, HotSOS Housekeeping automates the daily housekeeping operation, resulting in reduced check-in wait times and increased guest satisfaction. In 2015, HotSOS Housekeeping saved hotels $116 per guestroom by prioritizing the process of guestroom cleaning, digitizing the guestroom inspection process and mobilizing the management of the department virtually.
Under its agreement with Amadeus, React Mobile will integrate React Mobile SOS widespread alerting capabilities into the HotSOS mobile offering. Hotels with the upgraded HotSOS offering can give their employees the React Mobile “Sidekick” panic button that will pair directly with a hotel worker’s smartphone. The React Sidekick panic button allows users to activate a widespread emergency alert without having to access or unlock their smartphone in an emergency.
Amadeus customers will also benefit from the React Dispatch Console, a software solution that helps corporate security professionals quickly identify incidents, shorten response times, document events – and ensure the safety of everyone under their protection. The React Dispatch Console combines alert management, computer aided dispatch, and incident reporting in one central application for improved situational awareness and faster response times. The technology enables emergency dispatch centers to receive React SOS alerts around-the-clock, as well as the ability to immediately identify the person in distress – and their exact location. 
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