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RCI Integrates PMS to Automate Data Sharing

RCI  has recently implemented two new initiatives that will streamline the deposit and exchange process for affiliates, while making the exchange process easier for members. The initiatives include integration of property management systems for a more automated data sharing process and a new outlet for owners to pay their maintenance fees for their affiliated resorts.
The first initiative creates an easy way for RCI subscribing members to pay their maintenance fees at the resorts where they own. Before a deposit can be verified in RCI’s exchange system, members must pay their maintenance fees. Now, affiliates have the option of adding a link to their maintenance fee website directly on the RCI deposit verification site. This will streamline the deposit and verification process for both members and affiliates and help facilitate payment of maintenance fees.
The second initiative facilitates the sharing and movement of data between the affiliated resort and RCI. When affiliates need data on inbounds and deposits, it is now possible to have the data feed directly into their own property management systems, instead of entering the data manually. This will reduce the hours spent entering this data, as well as facilitate more accurate reporting.

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