RavenCSI Offers Businesses Real-Time Feedback Tech Free Through 2020

RavenCSI™ announced today they are giving free use of their survey platform’s “Pro” plan for the balance of 2020 for the first 10,000 new accounts. The purpose is to assist companies whose business models have been drastically altered due to the COVID-19 quarantine. Survey templates included with the now free “Pro” plan include pre-written questionnaires that proprietors can send electronically to gain valuable, real-time insight from their customers, employees and vendors.

RavenCSI enables global service providers to engage proactively with their customers or employees based on real-time intelligence captured instantly. The free to use RavenCSI “Pro” includes preloaded, ready-to-use customizable questionnaires so that new accounts can begin capturing vital feedback in as little as 30 minutes using a three-step process.

“During the lockdown period, businesses of all types have been forced to close shop temporarily or shift their operations in order to comply with mandated social distancing regulations. As the economy eventually re-opens, it will be critical to understand what customers and employees anticipate. Getting feedback has been an ongoing and expensive challenge facing most companies, as has knowing what questions to ask,” explained Brian Boyette, RavenCSI Founder. “RavenCSI is removing these hurdles during this time of need to help expedite the recovery and ensure as many businesses and jobs are salvaged in the coming months.”

To begin using the RavenCSI “Pro” plan, a business need only complete a short questionnaire located here: RavenCSI-Free Access or scan this QR Code with their device.

  1. Request an account completing the short questionnaire, and once you receive your access link, use the credentials supplied to login (due to high demand, please allow up to 24 hours for new free accounts to be created). We can help you navigate the process via telephone and show you how easy it is to use.
  2. Select a pre-crafted survey template or create your own questionnaire and then publish, by simply clicking one button.
  3. Copy the RavenCSI instantly created survey link (or instantly created QR code) and distribute or email using your existing messaging platform to customers or employees.

“With so many businesses changing their operations to survive this COVID-19 driven economic downturn, data is what ultimately will drive the recovery, and we want to get that insight into the hands of those impacted at no cost,” Boyette continued. “For example, helping a company get real-time feedback from employees now working remotely on when or if their staff feel comfortable returning to an office environment; or assisting a restaurant owner in understanding what their clientele will expect after the pandemic slows, such as more space between tables – the need for this sort of knowledge is invaluable for businesses to adapt and survive.”

The no-cost RavenCSI “Pro” plan is available now, and will remain available through the rest of 2020 or until the economic recovery takes hold. No credit card or other form of payment is required when signing up for a complimentary “Pro” plan. New complimentary “Pro” plan accounts created during 2020 will automatically expire on December 31, 2020, unless extended by RavenCSI. One free account per company. Access may be revoked at the discretion of RavenCSI if a user is found to be misusing or abusing the service.

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