Prodly AppOps to Assist Toast With SOX Compliance

Anna Wolfe
Senior Editor, Restaurants

Toast has implemented Prodly AppOps, the next-gen DevOps suite for application lifecycle management for Salesforce,  to ensure auditability of metadata and data changes throughout and after the process of releasing product and pricing enhancements.

Launched in 2013 and now serving approximately 57,000 restaurant locations, Toast became a publicly traded company on September 22, 2021. Due to anticipated growth from its IPO, the business required stricter record keeping for SOX compliance. Toast selected Prodly AppOps as its new release management automation solution because the tool automatically generates a comprehensive audit history of every change made during a deployment—which guarantees visibility of the changes being made to the CPQ environment.

“By leveraging Prodly AppOps, we’ve gained an unprecedented level of oversight of our Salesforce CPQ environment, as well as insight into our release management process,” explained Alex Abdou, Senior Manager of Quality Assurance and DevOps at Toast. “Our admins and developers can see from the onset of each deployment what’s being created, by whom, when, and why—plus, we now have an auditable record of every single piece of configuration data that’s being moved in those deployments.”

In addition to ensuring auditability, Prodly AppOps automatically maintains relationships between objects in Salesforce and enables automated, precise, and secure change deployments. Built for admins and other non-technical users, the solution works out of the box and delivers faster time to value for Salesforce applications.

The accurate automation provided by AppOps helps expanding companies like Toast manage their growing workload without having to immediately hire additional headcount, which isn’t always the most cost-effective solution. In addition to the transparent audit trail, benefits such as the rapid scalability, ease of use, cost savings, and long-term ROI of AppOps often cinch businesses’ decision to purchase the solution.

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