On-Premise Event Coordination Gets a Tech-Savvy Upgrade with New Easy-to-Use Software

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels



The pandemic has brought an onslaught of challenges for hoteliers, restaurateurs, and resort management teams this year. The event portion of their business continues to face ongoing obstacles to navigate through guest count limitations, new event guidelines and restrictions. As hospitality managers and event coordinators consider how to maintain client satisfaction and service as we enter a new year, a new technology platform has launched to address the event planning challenges.

ORO, a new software technology platform for event professionals and hospitality management teams, is addressing those challenges head on. Each of ORO’s features allow professionals across the event, restaurant, hotel, and resort industries to oversee all the important event planning details in one central location. ORO consolidates all of the spreadsheets, binders, and contracts into their purposefully designed platform that is optimized for speed and productivity. Hospitality teams will now have all the details they need at their fingertips, which they can reference and update in real-time via their desktop or mobile app.

For events of all sizes, on-site event coordinators can utilize ORO’s platform to seamlessly plan each gathering, while providing the highest level of client service. ORO helps to tackle three key areas for event planners, and event teams within hotels, restaurants, and resorts including:

Digital Mapping of Event Layouts & Visual Timelines

ORO creates custom floor plans to visually showcase the designated event space to clients for seating charts, dance floors, buffet tables, cake service, and so much more. These floor plans are easily shared with clients and the “drag and drop” feature allows for quick edits as needed to accommodate changes. Once created, these templates are saved for use again and again with future clients, and they’re always customizable to meet the needs of the event. Timeline templates allow all event staff to visually see the flow of the event, from start to finish. The tagging feature provides the ability to assign items to clients or outside vendors, while event staff can denote specific locations of each event activity on site.

Outside Vendor Coordination & Guest List Management

Clients utilizing outside vendors such as florists, music and entertainment, or photographers can bring logistical hurdles for internal planners in the restaurant and hotel space. ORO organizes outside vendor contracts and other important, needed documents in one central location. Communication with outside vendors can be centralized within ORO to oversee day-of arrivals, set-up and breakdown times, inclimate weather needs, and more.

Beyond vendors, guest list management is another area ORO provides optimum organization and oversight of special needs. With the final attendee list uploaded, the guest list feature provides notation of meal preferences and special requests, allowing event personnel to oversee the RSVP list and needed accommodations in one location.

Client Services Made Easy with Real Time Communication

Open lines of communication with clients planning special events at your location has never been more important as the industry continues to navigate through our current times. ORO’s client facing mobile app, available on both iOS and Android devices, is free for the clients booking with hotels and restaurants or to event planners clients, giving the event staff the ability to provide real time updates and reminders about their event as the day gets closer. Customizable checklists further the client communication rapport to keep track of internal processes and upcoming deadlines. Budget sheets bring added visibility to stay on top of event costs and inventory with ORO’s comprehensive budgeting tool.   

ORO was founded by Katherine Frost, owner of the Denver-based events company, A Frosted Affair. After 10+ years in the events industry, it became apparent the technology available to event professionals across the industry was lacking. In early 2019, Katherine assembled a team to help streamline the planning process and create a truly all-in-one platform to plan and manage events for industry professionals, and ORO was born.

Hospitality industry professionals, including restaurateurs and hoteliers, have had their fair share of obstacles this year. Heading into the new year, ORO’s goal is to help streamline the coordination process to ensure rescheduled and newly booked events for event industry professionals runs smoothly to provide their clients with a lifetime of happy memories. To learn more about ORO and receive a one-month free trial of the platform, visit www.OROplanner.com or email us at [email protected].


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