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POS System Speeds Up Service for Carl's Jr. Franchisee

As a quick service operator, Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas understands that the keys to success are rooted in speed and reliability. Customers expect fast service and whatever can be done to speed service goes a long way in improving the guest experience and satisfaction. The other critical aspect of this business is reliability. Anything that gets in the way of cashiers taking orders and completing transactions results in lost revenue and profits. Therefore, a POS system needs to be rock solid and continue to operate in the harsh quick service environment without missing a beat.
Carl’s Jr. always strives to maximize POS performance, but needed a more robust POS system. After doing business with PAR for many years, it was time to upgrade to its latest solution.Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas has deployed the new PAR EverServ QSR POS system in all 39 of its Carl’s Jr. locations in the Las Vegas, Nevada metropolitan area.
The Carl’s Jr. POS solution features PAR EverServ QSR running on PAR EverServ 6000, EverServ 2000 and Gemini terminals, and is integrated with all of the new PAR EverServ software solutions, including Back Office, Enterprise Configuration Management and Operations Reporting.
The PAR POS system is integrated to the ePic solution kitchen display from QSR Automations and order confirmation boards from HyperActive Technologies and Delphi. Carl’s Jr. of Las Vegas has also tapped PAR to manage the implementation and provide ongoing maintenance services for its locations.
With a conversational ordering feature (order logic adapts to normal guest interactions), QSR enables operators to increase order speed and shorten lines. Designed from a usability and human factors engineering mindset, EverServ QSR minimizes keystrokes, speeds service to customers and reduces staff training time. QSR’s powerful suggestive selling and up-selling rules engine makes it easy for staff to enter add-on sales and generate incremental sales.
Results = Reliability and Rapidity
The PAR EverServ QSR POS system has significantly improved the speed of service and provided new ordering flexibility, all while increasing the reliability of the POS environment. The staff really likes how intuitive it is to enter orders in a manner that more closely matches how customers communicate their orders and management appreciates the uptick in sales from the suggestive selling prompts that make it a common practice for staff to up-sell orders.
The Microsoft SQL database is incredibly stable and the fully redundant EverServ QSR software enables cashiers to continue to operate even if the back office computer goes down. This robust reliability is a big benefit to operations and minimizes headaches for IT staff.
The PAR EverServ Enterprise Configuration Management (ECM) system allows Carl's Jr. of Las Vegas to remotely upgrade new versions of the software at the stores and cashiers can still take orders while the upgrade is processing. ECM also makes it easier and faster to enter coupons and update menu prices accordingly.
ECM allows us to send database package updates directly to multiple stores instead of sending separate packages to each store. It saves 10 hours of work a month and best of all, the system can be accessed from anywhere there is an Internet connection. While Carl’s Jr. is not ready to run POS in the Cloud, it is good to know the EverServ QSR is capable of operating in a Cloud mode.

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