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Porter & Sail's Smart Platform Helps Boutique & Luxury Hotels Generate More Revenue


Porter & Sail, the technology company partnering with select boutique and luxury hotels around the world to take guest experience into a smart digital future, has introduced new revenue-generating features to its latest upgrade.

Porter & Sail’s platform helps drive revenue before guests set foot on the property, whether they purchase upgrades, merchandise or experiences. Users already average 30 minutes on the platform per trip, with time-based and location-sensitive expert content, mobile check-in and check-out, 24/7 concierge chat, restaurant reservations, and itinerary creation. The latest version aims to drive engagement up through intelligent merchandising, and ever smarter right-time content.

Highlights of the new version include:

  • A client interface that enables hotels to review data in the following categories:

  • Analytics running total of revenue generated, from offers to upgrades

  • Requests where the hotel can manage incoming offers, upgrades

  • Guests where hotels can see its guests’ profiles and all that’s been requested during their stay

  • Campaigns that allow hotels to have the ability to create pre-arrival campaigns,

  • Rooms which provides all details pertaining to rooms and rates

  • Offers allow Porter & Sail to create unique deals for hotel guests and the ability to specify whether an offer is pre-stay, in-stay, post-stay, etc.

  • Integration of “The Lobby,” new tech from the GuestDriven acquisition which invites guests to enhance their stay, from upgrading their rooms at a discount to chartering a fishing boat or renting a private beach cabana

  • New & updated curated content in over 15 cities across Europe, Americas, Asia and the Middle East via the concierge app which expands each destination into a sprawling urban resort—not built by the hotel, but defined by the hotel.

  • A smart content algorithm serves excellent suggestions for what to do and where to go at every time of day or stage of a journey.

  • The “story” of each hotel is told, via interviews with local tastemakers plus restaurant, bar and spa reviews, hotel insider tips, and an events calendar—ensuring that guests are immersed in the narrative of the property.

  • Over 25,000 original photos and commentary generated by local expert contributors to Vogue, The New York Times, Monocle, Vice, and more.

  • Updated UX/UI design encourages more intuitive use, richer visuals, and faster access to the key information to achieve a grace of technology.

Porter & Sail’s proprietary platform and products provide a single, seamless, 360-degree experience for guests, from booking to planning, to navigating the city, to checking out. Porter & Sail has been quietly creating content that’s mobile, brand-aligned, and for-guests-only, releasing new streams of guest value. The invaluable guest data Porter & Sail is able to collect provides hotel partners with the ability to offer smarter pre-arrival incentives and merchandising as well as post-stay analytics for enhanced follow-up.   

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