Portal Green Launches Online COVID-19 Screening Tool for Employers

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Portal Green launched S.A.F.E. for Work, an online assessment employers can use to quickly determine if their employees are safe to report for work based on CDC guidance regarding COVID-19 symptoms and exposure.

Employers are tasked daily with ensuring that their employees are safe to report to work and customers are confident in the business’s health and safety procedures. However, this takes valuable time from already stretched thin managers and poses privacy concerns if done verbally. In less than a minute, an employee can answer symptom and exposure related questions on a computer, tablet or phone, eliminating privacy concerns and saving managers the time of having to ask questions of each employee.

Based on the employee’s responses, the employer is immediately alerted as to whether or not the employee is safe to report for work. S. A.F.E. has streamlined the process for COVID-19 screens without the hassle of stacks of paper and the efficiency of the team in mind, while giving employers peace of mind with respect to compliance, privacy and security concerns. Most states now require employers to conduct assessments of employees before they report to work. As the research develops, guidance on how to handle employees with symptoms of or exposure to the virus continues to evolve; S.A.F.E. for Work will continue to provide the most up to date guidance as CDC recommendations change.

“When we created the idea of an online symptom and exposure screening tool, it was based on the idea of helping companies easily and proactively ensure the safety of their employees and customers in this new COVID-19 era, says Jody Shaffer, CEO at Portal Green. As the product is now a reality, we believe it is no longer a proactive step but instead a necessary one for the success of companies’ reopening strategies.”

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