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Pizza Hut to Test Uber-Like Delivery

A recent article in USA Today reveals that Pizza Hut plans to roll out a delivery test at 75 locations in the Dallas-Fort Worth area dubbed Pizza Hut Nav (short for navigation), where most consumers will be able to track their delivery drivers — and their pizzas — on a map from the time of order until the driver shows up on their street.

The delivery test is with Postmates, the same third-party delivery service that Starbucks recently said it also will use in a Seattle delivery test later this year. The announcement comes just one day after McDonald's announced that it, too, is about to launch a delivery test at 88 McDonald's restaurants in Manhattan, Queens and Brooklyn.
The article contends that as next-generation consumers become increasingly comfortable with instant information-sharing the level of expected technology is growing. Baron Concors, global chief digital officer at Pizza Hut is quoted as saying, “This is what consumers want: 100% transparency about where their order is."
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