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Partnership Eliminates Re-Entering Orders from Aggregator Sites to POS

A new technology partnership between SpeedLine Solutions and Chowly Inc. eliminates the time-consuming and error-prone task of re-entering orders from popular restaurant aggregator sites such as GrubHub and Eat 24 into the point of sale system.
With Chowly, SpeedLine users can receive orders from these third-party ordering sites directly into the POS. Orders from third-party aggregators flow automatically into the SpeedLine POS system, and print at the appropriate kitchen printers (or on displays in the kitchen).
Aggregator sites typically deliver orders to a tablet in the restaurant or by email. Restaurant staff have to first notice that an order came in (not always a given on a busy night), and then take the time to re-enter the order, hopefully without errors, into the POS. Chowly, instead, intercepts the order, translates it to a format the SpeedLine system can read, and delivers it directly to the POS.
The difference is that orders slide right into the production schedule in the kitchen. Nothing gets missed or delayed. Customers get their deliveries faster, and labor costs drop.

The Chowly service can be set up remotely for restaurants anywhere in North America.
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