Panasonic Stingray Workstations Now Available with a Remote Mount Touch Display

Panasonic's Stingray (model JS-950) POS workstation has been updated with yet another highly functional configuration option. Effective immediately, Stingray is available with a remote mount touch display, which allows for mounting the display up to eight feet away from the main body. This new configuration (Stingray RT) is ideal for installations where space for installing the main body on the counter is limited, such as in drive-thru booths, mobile eateries or retail applications.

The Stingray RT (Remote Touch) monitor comes complete with a mounting kit that contains all parts required for remote connectivity of the touch panel LCD to the main body. A standard VESA mount is included on the monitor to allow for flexible installation.

Stingray's unique all-in-one modular design allows convenient, cost-effective customization to meet specific application needs. Users can design Stingray to fit their operations with the confidence of knowing they have the power to change the unit's configuration at any time. Stingray allows users to easily increase RAM, swap or change hard drives, remove/replace the LCD display, switch the 15" LCD display from landscape to portrait, add a card reader in the position they want, or add security devices — all with no need for a technician.

Stingray's open architecture runs virtually any operating system and software, allowing users to implement most off-the-shelf or custom POS applications to meet their specific needs. With a high-speed processor and up to 4 GB of on-board RAM, Stingray is ideal for stand-alone applications and can also be integrated into a LAN network to run the most demanding back office operations. Stingray can also run multiple software applications to further extend its functionality and overall efficiency. In addition, Stingray is backward-compatible, allowing operators to replace one workstation at a time to maximize cost-efficiency.

Stingray can be configured with a magnetic card reader that can be mounted in two different positions, supporting three tracks of information which allow acceptance of credit, debit, gift and loyalty cards. Users can also easily integrate Stingray with security solutions such as biometric readers and Dallas key systems for operator ID verification. To ensure continuous operation, Stingray is built to withstand spills, static, dust, dirt, shock, grease, extreme temperatures and humidity.

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