OpenTable Adds Delivery

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OpenTable Adds Delivery

Caviar, Grubhub, Uber Eats partnerships enable delivery and pick-up through OpenTable's app.

OpenTable has partnered with CaviarGrubhub and Uber Eats to offer delivery and pick-up options at thousands of restaurants on OpenTable's newly updated iOS app.

OpenTable helps diners discover and make restaurant reservations. fBy adding delivery and pick-up as an option, OpenTable provides a more comprehensive picture of dining choices in one place.

"While we know that our diners love to join us to get the full restaurant experience, we understand they need options for when they can't make it in," said Dan Simons, Co-owner & Founder, Farmers Restaurant Group. "Delivery through OpenTable gives us the flexibility to attract and serve diners, no matter where they are and how they want their meal."

When searching for a restaurant or visiting a restaurant profile page on OpenTable's iOS app, diners will see a "Get it delivered" button or carousel. Diners who choose delivery are then directed to the restaurant's preferred partner(s) to complete the transaction. For restaurants with multiple delivery partners, OpenTable shows each choice. At launch, Caviar, Grubhub and Uber Eats will power delivery for over 8,000 restaurants across 90 metros in the U.S. on the OpenTable iOS app. Future features will include estimated delivery time and cost.

This news coincides with OpenTable's launch of its redesigned iOS and Android app, which provides more relevant, personalized options to help expedite the decision-making process.