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One&Only Resorts Names PMS Vendor for Worldwide Properties; Cape Town Location Taps Enterprise Mgmt Solution for Dining & Retail Ops

One&Only Resorts has selected MICROS OPERA Property Management System (PMS) for all of its properties worldwide. In addition, One&Only Cape Town has implemented the MICROS 9700 Hospitality Management System (HMS) and the MICROS Workstation 5 (WS5) to manage its entire enterprise dining and retail operations.

The One&Only brand is distinguished by a simple philosophy: the promise of distinctive resorts and an outstanding experience at the world's best locations. With the uniqueness of each of its hotels, One&Only Resorts required a global solution with flexible tools to adapt to each individual property, while keeping consistent One&Only Resorts' ideals of quality, fun, and luxury. With a variety of choices ranging from numerous accommodation styles to an array of activities at each hotel, MICROS OPERA PMS provides a comprehensive solution to help manage all operations, while increasing productivity and profitability across the hotel collection.

Along with the MICROS OPERA Property Management System, One&Only Cape Town has chosen to install the MICROS 9700 HMS point-of-sale system, combing innovation, advanced technologies, reliable hardware, and robust reporting features to make One&Only Cape Town's food and beverage operations run smoothly and enhance the guest experience.

"With the powerful OPERA Property Management System, MICROS has provided One&Only Resorts with the foundation for all future technology hotel applications and the tools to thrive worldwide," says Paul Jones, president, One&Only Resorts. "One&Only requires a flexible property management system that will expand with our growing business needs. MICROS OPERA PMS is a comprehensive solution that allows us to take our focus off of technology and place it back on our customers to provide them with a luxurious, unique experience, second to none."

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