Omnirelevant Experiences Key to Building Brand Loyalty, Says Report

Globant, a digitally native technology services company that creates digital journeys for its customers, urges companies to deliver more effective digital interactions between consumers and brands through omnirelevant strategies in its quarterly Sentinel Report.
Brands must focus on asserting and maintaining relevance to consumers, who are constantly inundated with technologies that compete for their attention, explains the report. Companies that are in tune with their users can identify important moments in the customer journey, and leverage this insight to deliver more relevant, impactful interactions.
The report highlights five elements that must exist in equilibrium in order to achieve omnirelevance:
Harmony -- The deeply-rooted connection and affinity that this series of interactions has with a user's flow, producing a pleasant effect
Familiar Security  -- The feeling of familiarity and trust customers experience at each moment of their journey, fostering an intimate and sage relationship between the customer and the brand
Contextual Content  -- Content that is able to fulfill a user's needs at any given moment
Sensory  -- Creating brain stimulus that will give a physical reality to the experience
Surprise  -- The level of unexpected momentum to an experience or an interaction must have to catch the user's attention and leave a lasting, positive impression
"Omnirelevant Experiences" represents the fifth edition of Globant's Sentinel Report – a quarterly analysis on global market trends and consumer behavior insights and their application to various industries. Furthermore, the report includes stories and business case studies that show how omnirelevance is already being pursued in the technology, retail and entertainment sectors.
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