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Olympic Championship Coach Ben Ryan to Speak at 2017 HTNG European Conference

Ben Ryan will present the Keynote session “Attaining Optimal Performance Through People and Technology” at the 2017 HTNG European Conference on 7-9 November in Prague.

Ryan, Coach of Fiji Rugby Sevens, is fast-achieving legendary status as one of the greatest coaches of his generation. His successful experience and engaging delivery leads him to be one of the most in-demand speakers of 2017.

Ryan pioneered the use of GPS technology in team sports, but was challenged when he went to the Fiji program and had no technology to work with. In addition, Ryan faced many other challenges from working within a dictatorship and for a bankrupt employer. Three years later, he led the team to the country’s first gold medal at the Rio Olympics – one of his many extraordinary accomplishments.

Ryan has extensive knowledge about leadership, collaboration, teamwork, communication, culture and success from these accomplishments. Ryan will share his stories and experiences to illustrate how to use innovation successfully rather than simply innovating for the sake of it. Ryan will also present effective ways to build trust, how to adapt an approach to the context, how to measure performance in a meaningful way and how the proper tools in coaching teams can be the difference between success and failure.

“For an organization and an industry that underscores collaboration, I am eager to share my experiences with all of the attendees at the upcoming HTNG European Conference,” said Ryan.

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