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Olo Introduces Smart Cross-Sells to Increase Guest Engagement

Olo Inc. announced Smart Cross-Sells, a new ordering feature empowering brands to increase guest engagement and average order value by providing dynamic, personalized suggestions during the ordering and checkout process. Over a dozen additional product features are now available across Olo’s three product suites Order, Pay and Engage to help restaurants increase orders, streamline operations, and improve the guest experience.

Personalized Suggestions

Olo’s Smart Cross-Sells leverages AI to recommend intelligent order suggestions based on contextual factors such as order history, location menu, daypart, and current cart contents. By providing personalized suggestions catered to each guest, Smart Cross-Sells make it easier for guests to navigate extensive menus, expediting the digital ordering and checkout process for a frictionless guest experience. As restaurants seek out opportunities to boost the top line, a recent test conducted by Olo showed Smart Cross-Sells accounted for 10% more in basket value on average than static cross-sells.

Additional product features announced this quarter include Catering+ Production Sheets, which aggregates needs and streamlines prep for large-volume orders, and Fundraiser Coupons, which are designed to help management track and reconcile charitable campaigns directly within the Olo Dashboard. Also introduced this quarter is Olo Pay’s general availability of card present capabilities via self-service kiosks.

  • Thoughtfully developed to support the rise in catering, Olo’s Catering+ Production Sheets provide kitchens an intuitive interface to map total ingredients and their related quantities to products on their menu to better quantify the items needed for upcoming large-volume orders.
  • Olo Coupon Manager’s new enhancement, Fundraiser Coupons, enables Brand Marketing Managers to track and reconcile fundraiser campaigns directly within the Olo Dashboard. Furthering its commitment to Olo For Good, these coupons are already implemented by dozens of restaurant customers committed to making a positive impact on the communities they serve.
  • Currently available via Kiosk, Olo Pay will offer card-present payments via POS later this year. This marks Olo Pay’s continued expansion into the card-present space to further streamline the on-premises payment process, unify payments management, and gather data from the 84% of transactions that are not digital, according data from Circana.

For a full list of features announced as a part of Olo’s Spring Release event visit:

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