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NRF 2018 NEWS: Crane Payment Innovations Announces New Paypod Pay Station

Crane Payment Innovations, a Crane Co. company, announced Paypod, an all-new pay station for the retail and hospitality market that automates payment at the point of sale. CPI will showcase the new product during the upcoming NRF retail show.

Paypod consolidates three highly-engineered technologies into a single unit that easily connects to any Windows point-of-sale system to deliver simple, seamless payment automation.

Every Paypod contains a CPI note recycler, coin recycler, and POSlinq interface software.

At restaurants, customers would order through an employee but instead of handing their currency to a cashier, they would pay with cash or coins at a Paypod pay station. By enabling companies to focus on their customers instead of handling cash, Paypod reduces shrink, eliminates hygiene concerns, and helps them maximize their investment with a solution designed to evolve with the market.

POSlinq instantly connects any existing Windows POS system with CPI payment devices to manage the transaction from start to finish. Paypod’s note & coin recyclers eliminate the need for daily cash reconciliation and streamline retail operations.

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