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NRF 2016 NEWS: Equinox and Acceo Partner to Deliver Intgrated Payment Solution

Equinox and ACCEO Solutions Inc. announced details of their partnership relationship at the National Retail Federation Big Show being held this week in New York City. ACCEO’s secure EMV-certified Tender Retail software will run directly on Equinox’s Luxe 8000i, extending an enhanced, secure integrated payments experience to retailers while reducing the overall scope of the POS environment.
This new integration enhances Tender Retail’s market-leading decentralized architecture that has gained mass appeal by eliminating the risk of a single point of failure associated with traditional centralized architectures.
“The partnership with Equinox presents an alternative option to our market-leading architecture by offering, for the first time, ACCEO’s Tender Retail integrated payment software operating directly on a PIN-entry device,” said Joey Vaccaro, VP of Business Development and Strategic Alliances at ACCEO. “We are delighted to be a part of this exciting new product launch.”
 Added Drazen Ivanovic, president and chief executive officer, Equinox: “The unique and elegant design of the Luxe 8000i, coupled with Tender Retail’s leading EMV-certified software, improves the check-out experience, while mitigating the costs and complexities associated with annual PCI compliance.”
By integrating ACCEO’s Tender Retail software on the Luxe 8000i, merchants and POS vendors gain access to the full set of application features associated with an integrated solution, now running in a smart, semi-integrated configuration. Operating the payment application directly on the device reduces the overhead related to PCI compliance and eliminates the expenses associated with proprietary terminal-based middleware software for semi-integrated configurations. 

Equinox debuted the Luxe 8000i.  The retail PIN pad features a sleek high-gloss finish and a crystal-clear display. Its compact size, horizontal layout, and top face-mounted card readers optimize overall footprint. It features an advanced standards-based operating system and flexible connectivity options that simplify application development and integration while ensuring that customer data remains secure. POS and payment applications can be quickly and easily implemented without the need to use man-in-the-middle software and services. The Luxe 8000i uniquely supports multiple keys for flexible and secure product-level routing to a choice of payment gateways and processors.
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