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NRF 2016 NEWS: Epson to Debut Cloud Offering Along with POS Solutions

Epson America, Inc. will demonstrate its new OmniLink® Merchant Services (OMS) platform, a suite of cloud-based software solutions for the retail and hospitality markets, and present a wide range of partner solutions at the National Retail Federation (NRF 2016, Booth #3530).
Epson OMS cloud partners include:
Mobivity (MFON)-enables retailers to transform ordinary receipts into a targeted, revenue generating marketing medium by increasing frequency and influencing buying behavior. Mobivity will be showing how it leverages real-time data generated through Epson's OMS to determine transaction patterns used to generate custom mobile offers, tailored coupons and dynamic text based marketing solutions in real-time.
NimbleSchedule  -which provides food service and retail establishments with a powerful and cost effective application to manage predictive staff schedules, track clocked time and analyze profitability, will be demonstrating how it uses Epson's OMS to leverage real-time and transactional data to deliver a predictive labor mix and productivity analysis for retail and hospitality establishments.
PnP Loyalty-a loyalty, gift and rewards solutions provider for chain restaurants and retail stores, will be demonstrating how its Loyalty program leverages Epson's OMS to capture data, which generates tailored offers and coupons associated with a specific purchase.
Additional partners include:
ACCEO Tender Retail-North America and Canada's provider of payment integration software solutions, will showcase a simulated payment transaction flow with an EMV chip card utilizing its MCM middleware and management and update software fastTRACC solutions running on Epson's OmniLink TM-T88V-i smart printer. When used together, they make up a complete payment solution that allows merchants to oversee every aspect of their business' card transaction process. MCM is PCI-compliant, EMV-certified, stable, and secure.
Aptos (formerly Epicor)-provides advanced solutions for retailers seeking to streamline processes, integrate channels, and leverage intelligence to maximize profitability. Aptos will showcase its Retail Store solution utilizing Epson's OmniLink TM-T88V-DT smart printer. The demo includes a touchscreen user interface, POS keyboard, bar code scanning and full electronic payment functionality to illustrate how the OmniLink platform can be configured to replace POS systems with a more compact yet robust all-in-one POS solution.
Gsoft Colombia-a provider for IT web solutions, will showcase ThunderCheck, its mobile simple-to-use web application for retail, hospitality and manufacturing markets, which doesn't require the Internet to function. Integrated with Epson's OmniLink-i smart printers, GSsoft will demonstrate how merchants can leverage the power of mobile applications using cloud-based systems for data analytics. 
Hiper -a provider of POS software and hardware solutions for retail-, financial, hospitality, government, education and insurance markets, will be showcasing its tablet POS solution leveraging Epson's OmniLink TM-20II-i smart printer configured to use a POS keyboard, bar code scanning and full payment functionality as seen in one of Hiper's mom and pop tablet POS kiosk end user customers. 
Revel Systems-provides iPad POS software combining cloud-based technology with the mobility of the iPad for single and multi-location businesses. Revel will demo its intuitive and secure iOS-based POS system showcasing its analytics, always on mode and loyalty and gift card management capabilities with the Epson TM-T88V thermal receipt printer. The software allows users to integrate directly with third-party applications, including mobile payments, online ordering, gift or reward cards and industry-leading financial software. 
Satcom - A worldwide software provider of retail management software designed for specialty retailers, Satcom delivers POS inventory control software solutions that easily integrate into existing platforms. Satcom will showcase its POS retail inventory management solution running on the Epson OmniLink TM-T88V-i smart printer as seen at "Panificadora Ambato," one of their specialty retail end users. 
Teamwork Retail-is an enterprise POS and retail management solutions provider. The company will be showing its cloud-based omnichannel POS solution with Epson's Mobilink mobile receipt printers. This joint solution offers retail customers a complete cloud-based omnichannel experience with all the essential components needed to improve operational efficiency. 
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