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NRF 2015 NEWS: Theatro Demostrates Wearables Integrated with Real-time Actionable Info

Theatro will demonstrate actionable analytics at NRF’s Big Show in RetailNext’s booth. By combining Theatro’s access to each associate’s ear with RetailNext’s powerful in-store analytics solution, retailers extend real-time data analysis to every store employee, increasing store productivity and delivering a differentiated shopping experience.
The live booth demonstration highlights the power of RetailNext’s real-time, best-in-class video analytics in combination with Theatro’s store-centric enterprise wearable solution to alert and empower retail associates to take immediate action based on customer location, dwell time and store traffic counter data analysis. 
Real-time, operational intelligence that is actionable and drives immediate results is essential for today’s competitive retail market. Working with Theatro as part of its partner ecosystem, RetailNext is able to put data to work and provide crucial updates directly to each store associate.
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