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NRF 2015 NEWS: New Omni-Channel Solution Launches at NRF 2015

LNL Systems will debut FlorComm, a suite of sales floor communications tools enabling clients to enhance the in-store experience by offering a range of products to keep sales floor staff equipped and ready to provide immediate assistance at the NRF's  Annual Convention and Expo on January 11-13 in New York.
The FlorComm suite of products include:
FlorAlert - "Proactively" alert store associates that a customer is in a particular area of the store in order to quickly offer them assistance.
FlorCall - Customer actively requests assistance by pushing a button on a customer call button (indoor and exterior units), so wait time is minimal.
FlorChat - Cost effective two way radios and dual mode digital wireless phones that provide instant communications for store associates.
FlorData - Analyze store associate productivity and customer activity through a variety of reports and online portals.
LNL Systems will be partnering with  Twocanoes Labs to integrate beacons into the solution. Twocanoes Labs will automate the smart sales floor with the industry's first full range of iBeacons, web service, and proximity apps. Retail associates automatically get notified on their two-way radios when customers are near Bleu Station Beacons from Twocanoes Labs, reducing costs and bringing customer service to a new level.
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