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NRA Show News: Welbilt KitchenConnect Launches Smart Restaurant Ecosystem

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Welbilt Inc., a provider of commercial equipment and cloud device management for the foodservice industry, is launching the  Smart Restaurant Ecosystem. The ecosystem is powered by some of the biggest digital companies in the Internet of Things (IoT) space that will empower its homegrown cloud platform for connected restaurant equipment, KitchenConnect.

The foodservice equipment industry is in the midst of the largest digital transformation in history. The decisions made by Welbilt and its partners will have direct impact on ensuring the highest consistency on food quality, improving on sustainability, and securing all their telemetry. It has been very difficult to find the best suppliers who will be able to provide all the above as well as work together in order to bring the desired outcome into fruition.

The Restaurant Smart Ecosystem consists of the following technology companies that will be able to deliver each of the needed digital solutions to the customers at the highest standard:

KitchenConnect – Provides an award-winning device cloud management solution connecting any restaurant equipment to enable reduction of cost, increase of equipment uptime, and enhancement of food quality.

AT&T – Provides a global cellular service, professional service team for restaurant connectivity set up, and one SmartHub edge connecting all equipment in the restaurant to KitchenConnect.

Bruviti – Serves an AI-powered customer-service triage and parts-prediction platform for KitchenConnect that delivers superior aftermarket service.

HCL – Provides digital transformation expertise in integrating end-to-end technologies including Cloud, IoT, AI, Analytics and Cybersecurity on KitchenConnect.

Microsoft – Provides secure edge infrastructure with Azure Sphere and hosts KitchenConnect on the Azure IoT platform for critical insights into kitchen operations.

Perfect Company – Provides the kitchen crew operating system integrated with KitchenConnect to eliminate food waste, decrease training time, and increase food quality and speed of service.

TeamViewer – Provides a cutting-edge solution for remote service and augmented reality for Welbilt and KitchenConnect products.

“At Welbilt, we believe in the power of ‘better together’. The Largest Smart Restaurant Ecosystem will provide the biggest combined expertise from the leading-edge digital companies to offer a complete suite for transforming any restaurant into a smart one and empower our customers in their digital transformation,” said Omar Jacques Omran, Welbilt’s VP Digital Transformation and Managing Director of KitchenConnect.

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