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NRA Show News: PourMyBeverage Debuts New System Called PourMyCocktail

Executives from the innovative and growing PourMyBeer, a growing brand under the umbrella of PourMyBeverage, will announce new milestones and innovations at the foodservice industry’s The National Restaurant Association Show  in Chicago from Friday, May 21- Tuesday May 24, 2022. The team will be available to demo their popular PourMyBeer self-pour beverage system, as well as the new product, PourMyCocktail, at booth #11342.

At the show, PourMyBeverage will announce the following milestones:

  • PourMyBeer achieving 12,000 active self-pour taps in the field.
  • PourMyBeer surpassing 500 locations in over 30 countries (additional five countries).
  • New system called PourMyCocktail, which will enable a waitstaff to get drinks into customers’ hands quickly and easily, with 100% recipe consistency and no bartender needed!  With its globally patented cleaning mechanism, the drink heads will always be clean and sanitary, unlike all other cocktail machines on the market.
  • Launch of the new brand, PourMyBeverage under which PourMyBeer, PourMyCocktail and PourMySoda belong.  

“We built our business to allow guests to pour their own beverages and eliminate the inefficiency of waiting for a drink. With over 500 locations, we recognize that the cost to change from staff pour to self-pour may be challenging to overcome for existing operators that are already being squeezed by the labor shortages. That's why we invented PourMyCocktail. Now your staff can enter the sale in the POS system and voila, they can magically make hundreds of different cocktails by a simple press of a button. We spent thousands of hours designing and testing this and we are now ready and excited to bring it to the masses.” said Josh Goodman, CEO of PourMyBeverage & PourMyBeer. “Anyone who sees what our products can do, appreciates the benefits and we’re looking forward to showing it off at the National Restaurant Association Show. With our strong footprint and exciting new offerings, we’re really looking forward to seeing how far we can go to help food industry professionals work more efficiently and cost-effectively.”

PourMyBeverage is a next-generation dispense system including PourMyBeer, PourMySoda, and PourMyCocktail brands. PourMyBeverage’s technology enables faster and more efficient access to beverages. Founded in 2015, the popularity of the PourMyBeer system quickly rose to over 12,000 taps in service at over 500 locations (bars, restaurants, casinos, hotels, airports, stores, arcades, and such) across 30 countries, including the US. 

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