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NRA NEWS: NoshList Debuts New Wait Waitlist App with Reservation Feature

NoshList returned to this year’s National Restaurant Association Restaurant, Hotel-Motel Show (NRA) in Chicago, marking the company’s third year as an NRA exhibitor. The company displayed multiple devices showcasing how the NoshList waitlist app and text notifications are changing the restaurant guest experience.

Since last year’s event, NoshList has tripled the number of people seated through the NoshList waitlist app. The NoshList wait list app closed out 2013 with more than 22 million diners seated across 4,000 restaurants. In the first quarter of this year, NoshList seated another 10 million diners, as growth continues to accelerate. NoshList also launched its new iOS 7 and Android apps featuring several new app upgrades, and will be showing off a new reservations feature for the first time at NRA.

New Free features available to all:
Quick Notes – Easily create a list of common notes to use when adding and seating parties.
ETA – Choose an estimated arrival time for same-day reservations and larger parties.
Seated View - View notes and parties seated in the main waitlist view.
New Premium features:
Rich Analytics – Download activity, demographics, party size, and loyalty reports.
Table Management – Customize and assign table numbers when adding and seating parties.
Customizable Public Waitlist – Add information on daily specials, loyalty programs, coupons, and more to the public waitlist that guests can check from their phones while waiting.
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