Nonius Announces Revamped TV Interface

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Nonius Announces Revamped TV Interface


The Nonius TV platform is known for providing a product that is easy to use by the guest and easy to maintain by the Hotel. Nonius has introduced new Home Screen layout options and has reworked all of the apps for better UI/UX (User Interface Design/User Experience Design). All changes were done without compromising the simplicity of navigation, taking in account the variable screen size vs. density of information and handling the input from the most varied remote control types.

The home screen options are fully customizable matching the hotel’s brand standards and the hotel’s wishes, always promoting its services.

Updated design for seamless User Experience

Nonius improved its UI/UX by updating the TV interface for guests and hotel staff and offering new Home Screen and App layouts.

This rework enhanced many features, such as the OSD (On-screen Display) layout for channel change, improving the response time, giving it a cleaner look, providing program name, current program position and duration, disappearing a few seconds after the user has interacted with the TV.

Nonius didn’t only focus on the guest experience but, also in making life easier for the hotel’s management and staff in general, updating the Backend layout for better comprehension of the platform. It’s now easier than ever for the user to identify how layouts can be personalized, without the need to resort to external support, saving time and effort.

Reduced Hardware and Maintenance

Nonius offers a compact system. It does not require much hardware on the premises, in most cases 1U or 2U rack space is enough for all services. This allows for easy, economical and fast deployments, and reduces drastically the need for recurrent maintenance.

To maximize the system’s performance, it suggests the following hardware:

Connect TVs (AKA Hotel Smart TVs) from any major brand, as Nonius TV is a multi-vendor platform that allows the hotel to choose the TV models that make most sense for its needs. Nonius can manage, from the same backend, multiple TV brands and Models;

Nonius’ Set-top box STB400A, supports 4K UHD content, has integrated Bluetooth receiver, an extremely fast UI rendering GPU and 5GHz Wi-Fi, and all of this on less than 4 Watt energy consumption.

The updated TV Quick and Advanced Setup screen shows Nonius’ commitment to making it easy for the Hotel Maintenance Team to, for example, replace a TV or a STB.

Advanced Analytics on Nonius Dashboard

Nonius dashboard provides a personalized view on relevant analytics such as TV channels and all other services’ usage, alarms for occasional failures and ROI Analysis. The hotel group’s corporate staff, the hotel staff and Nonius support team can have access to this dashboard so that issues can be solved quickly and systems can be monitored proactively.

This monitoring feature makes this solution ideal for both small independent hotels as well as big and established groups that want to standardize their Guest TV offer and monitor all the activity. Nonius can provide a hosted solution in the Headquarters’ datacenter to centralize management, share resources and reduce operating costs.

Cloud TV platform for small properties

For small properties, Nonius also offers a cloud-based edition of the platform. This platform has proven to be very cost-efficient for hotel with up to 40 rooms. The hardware necessary on premises is minimal and allows for an extremely easy installation as well as maintenance, reducing the deployment costs significantly.