Nomadix Unveils New Internet Gateway for Small and Mid-Sized Hotels and MDU Properties

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

​​Nomadix® Inc​., a technology leader in hospitality and multi-tenant industries, today announced the newest addition to its family of internet gateways, the EG 1000. Reliable and fast Wi-Fi is the top amenity required when choosing where to travel and live. This latest gateway leverages the company’s technological advantage to create robust guest and tenant experiences for a new market segment of small-to-mid-tier hotels, apartments and senior living communities.

The EG 1000 builds on the strengths that established Nomadix internet gateways as the preferred solution for many of the top brands and properties around the world. It packs the same features and functionalities into a compact format and a lower price point, perfect for smaller properties. The EG 1000 provides resilient, secure and compliant connectivity, enabling differentiated experiences with multiple plan and service options. 

Guests and tenants also benefit from frictionless Wi-Fi connectivity to easily stream shows, make video calls, enjoy gaming, work, shop online and more. The quality experience for both work and leisure travelers, for any setup and any device, will reduce troubleshooting calls to associates and create better satisfaction and loyalty.

“For the past 25 years, our teams have built reliable internet gateways and functionalities that address the unique and evolving pain points for hotels. IT staff prefer these Nomadix solutions because “they just work” and offer guests seamless and secure Wi-Fi access,” said Tammy Estes, chief product officer at Nomadix. “With the addition of the EG 1000, we extend our product suite to create exceptional work/leisure blended experiences and help guests feel at home wherever they travel - from small boutique hotels, to residence hotels, to large, luxury brands.”

“As part of our commitment to global expansion across all markets and geographies and continuous innovation, the EG 1000 allows our partners to equip a new segment of small-to-mid-tier hotel and MDU customers with a robust foundation and future-proofed investment,” said Speleos Dravillas, chief revenue officer for Nomadix. “These properties can now offer trusted, secure and compliant internet connectivity that’s built for their users’ specific needs, while also better addressing various business models and personalized experiences for their guests and tenants.”

Nomadix will showcase the EG 1000 gateway at AAHOACON Dallas on August 3-6, 2021, in booth #1525. The company will also demonstrate its suite of products at the conference, including Casting, Angie in-room voice assistants, Gateways and Cloud PBX. For more info, visit

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