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  • 6/13/2024

    PPDS Debuts 13" Philips Tableaux 4150 ePaper Displays

    ppds teaser logo

    PPDS, the exclusive global provider of Philips Professional Displays and complementary hardware and software solutions, is delighted to announce the latest evolution of its multi-award-winning ePaper with Android SoC signage range, launching the new 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 at InfoComm 2024. 

    Unveiled and exhibited on the Philips Booth W2544 inside the Las Vegas Convention Center (June 12-14), the portrait or landscape mountable 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 Series has been designed to deliver greater choice and new opportunities for hotels and resorts looking to introduce or expand their digital signage network – from reception areas, bars, restaurants, cafes, gift shops, wayfinding and more – using revolutionary and highly sustainable, full colour ePaper displays. 

    Driven by feedback from customers, the new 13” Tableaux display marks the latest evolution of PPDS' growing ePaper portfolio, adding to the acclaimed 25” 4150 and 32” 5150 models launched at ISE 2023 and 2024 respectively.

    Maximum impact, minimal power

    Available globally, and featuring a white bezel design, the 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 – developed with PPDS’ longstanding technology partner, E Ink – Philips Tableaux displays are an ideal energy saving solution for hotels and resorts looking to digitise their paper-based signage and communications. The new 13” Philip Tableaux 4150 providing vivid sunlight readable imagery, which can be displayed without using a single kilowatt of electricity indefinitely, only requiring super low power during image changes. 

    For maximum versatility and flexibility, Philips Tableaux displays – designed for 24/7 usage – can operate entirely unplugged, making it ideal for locations with limited or no access to power sources. Weighing just 1.3kg, the 13” 4150 is light enough to be easily transported and used in other locations when required.

    Displaying with a 1600 x 1200 resolution, the 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 ensures clear and confident messaging. What is more, with 16GB internal memory, there is no need for an external media player, keeping costs down and minimising additional future electronic wastage. Simply plug into a power source to upload new static content for instant play via USB, LAN or WiFi connections.

    Tailored for you 

    Andrea Barbuti, Global Product Manager EMEA at PPDS, commented “In businesses, there are always instances where additional and often temporary messaging and communications are required. This could be as simple as warning customers staying at the hotel that the bar, restaurant or store will be closing early on a given day.

    “There are examples of locations where ePaper can provide significant benefits almost everywhere you look. Just walking into the Las Vegas Convention Center this week, I have seen hundreds, maybe even thousands of posters placed along the walls and above escalators, each advertising events and products. These have all been manually placed and will have to be replaced and binned in the coming days. That’s a lot of paper wastage, and unnecessary printing, travel and expense. With Philips Tableaux, all of that is gone. Messages can be created and presented on the Philips Tableaux in a matter of minutes, with the freedom to place the unit wherever is most convenient – temporarily or permanently. Not only does it reduce waste, it looks far more professional, too.”

    Wave of management opportunities 

    As part of PPDS' growing Android SoC family, content updates on the 13” Philips Tableaux 4150 can be managed manually (including USB), or entirely remotely via a range of certified third party professional display control and management partners, as well as PPDS’ cloud-based Wave remote device management platform. 

    With Wave on Philips Tableaux, businesses can securely switch out content at any time and from any location, with firmware upgrades, playlist creation and management, power scheduling and much more, all managed on Wave’s tailored and highly intuitive interface, saving on time, energy, and environmental impact.

    Meet the family

    Martijn van der Woude, VP Global Marketing and Business Development at PPDS, concluded: “PPDS broke new ground in 2023 by becoming the first global display manufacturer to launch a full size, full colour ePaper display. We continue to experience incredible success with our 25” and 32” Philips Tableaux models, with examples of installations in an ever-growing variety of situations, all around the world. At PPDS, our teams are relentless in their quest for providing more energy conscious displays. It was clear listening to our customers that there was an appetite for a smaller ePaper model, bridging the gap between A4 and A3 paper – or in the US between letter and legal sizes.”

    “Our fantastic partnership with E Ink, together with our technical expertise, means we are once again able to respond quickly to the demands of the market with this 13” Philips Tableaux. We are delighted to be launching this, our third full colour ePaper display, at InfoComm 2024 in Las Vegas.”

  • 6/13/2024

    Radisson Hotel Group, Lemongrass and AWS Partner to Deliver Cloud Transformation and Innovative Customer Experiences

    logo, company name

    Lemongrass, a software-enabled services provider synonymous with SAP on Cloud, announced that Radisson Hotel Group (RHG) has selected Lemongrass to migrate their entire SAP landscape to Amazon Web Services (AWS). The project includes transferring existing systems to AWS and optimizing the hotel group’s SAP landscape to leverage Cloud-native efficiencies, such as automation, data analytics, and cost optimization, to deliver enhanced experiences and drive customer loyalty.

    Radisson Hotel Group sought a comprehensive strategy to integrate multiple operations and build a globally unified and scalable corporate IT infrastructure with an agile and cost-effective hosting solution. RHG selected Lemongrass to be its migration partner for its extensive expertise and flawless track record in migrating, operating and optimizing SAP workloads on the Cloud. Lemongrass has over 8,000 SAP servers and over 750,000 SAP users under its management and provides clients with near-zero downtime migrations and operations for SAP and its related workloads.

    Another pivotal component of the migration was RHG’s demonstrated commitment to sustainability. RHG has opted to migrate and run these systems in AWS’s Stockholm region, known for its carbon-neutral operations, to align with the Group’s sustainability and governance objectives. This strategic decision not only supports RHG’s transparent environmental stewardship but will also enhance Radisson Hotel Group’s appeal to eco-conscious guests and business partners.

    “The transition to AWS is more than just a technological upgrade; it is a transformational shift that empowers Radisson to meet the evolving demands of the hospitality industry,” said Jaime González-Peralta, CIO of Radisson Hotel Group. “This migration will set a new standard in our operational capabilities, enabling us to significantly enhance our operational agility, and enable us to bring innovative solutions to market even more rapidly, which are critical for personalizing guest experiences and optimizing our service delivery.”

    Recognizing the complex requirements of RHG’s expansive SAP systems, Lemongrass will employ its patented Minimum Downtime Operations (MDO™) technology, ensuring that Radisson Hotel Group’s operations, remain fully functional with near-zero downtime thereby preventing any potential revenue losses, whilst ensuring systems are secure, performant and available.

    “Radisson Hotel Group is an innovative leader in the hospitality sector and we are very honored to be selected to assist them with their digital transformation,” said Michael Rosenbloom, CEO of Lemongrass. “We look forward to our continued partnership with RHG and AWS to further modernize and support their SAP and Cloud initiatives.

  • 6/13/2024

    Justin Falciola Joins CKE as Chief Technology, Growth Officer

    Justin Falciola

    CKE Restaurants Holdings Inc. (CKE), parent company of Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, is announcing the appointment of Justin Falciola as chief technology & growth officer for both brands.

    Improving the guest and team experience through technology and digital solutions has been a priority for Carl's Jr. and Hardee's, with a focus on digital platforms and capabilities. In this new role,  Falciola will align business goals with information technology, digital strategy and operations, as well as guide the implementation of new technologies and support the digital evolution of loyalty, first-party and third-party digital channels.

    "We are excited to welcome Justin to the organization," said CKE Chief Executive Officer Max Wetzel. "As technology continues to shape and change the QSR industry, I am confident that his extensive record of success leading high-performing analytics, digital and IT teams will help both Carl's Jr. and Hardee's enable digital growth."

    A Proven Track Record

    Falciola is a results-oriented executive with a proven track record of driving sales and leading growth through technology. He comes to CKE from Papa John's International where he served as Chief Insights and Technology Officer since 2018. Prior to that, Falciola served in roles at Humana, Fifth Third Bank and JPMorgan Chase. Falciola received his bachelor's degree in information systems from Rutgers University.

    Earlier this year, CKE Restaurants announced the separation of the Carl's Jr. and Hardee's brand and introduced a leadership structure with three teams, each led by a president driving execution of strategic growth plans. Advancing digital is a major focus of the company's growth strategy.

    To help make their craveable food even more accessible, Carl's Jr. and Hardee's are focusing on evolving their technology offerings for guests and restaurant operations. By investing in areas like mobile ordering, delivery and loyalty programs, the brands are prioritizing increased convenience, engagement and value for guests while boosting sales from digital and delivery channels. This commitment to tech-driven improvements reflects a dedication to meeting the ever-evolving needs of today's guests.

    "It is an exciting time to be joining CKE Restaurants," said CKE Chief Technology & Growth Officer Justin Falciola. "I look forward to leveraging my experience to help Carl's Jr. and Hardee's reach their unique business goals, evolve the team and guest experience through technology and ultimately grow these two iconic brands."

  • 6/12/2024

    Roomzzz Quadruples Automated Payments After Switching to RMS Cloud

    RMS logo new teaser
    UK-based aparthotel operator Roomzzz revealed that it has increased its automated payments by 300% while decentralizing a number of operational processes, considerably improving employee satisfaction.
    Established in Leeds in 2006, the serviced apartment brand has quickly grown to 11 properties across eight locations, and offers the quality and reliability of a hotel with the comfort of a home to guests predominantly looking for longer stays.
    Having quickly outgrown its previous PMS solution, Roomzzz selected RMS Cloud’s Property Management Software out of 20 other providers, for its multi-property capabilities, ability to automate operations and the flexibility and adaptability of the solution.
    Having previously automated only 10% of its payments, with reservation staff manually processing the rest, Roomzzz is now benefiting from 40% payment automation thanks to the solution’s ‘Pay by Link’ functionality and Guest Portal.
    Victoria Curley, Head of Commercial at Roomzzz said: “The integrated payment solution, RMS Pay, was a really big one for us. A large proportion of our clients need to pay for their accommodation a week before check-in and we had no way to securely facilitate that.
    “The RMS Cloud PMS automatically sends a Pay by Link seven days before the stay to securely take payment, then reconciles it against the booking on the system. This saves our team a huge amount of time and removes the risk of human error.
    “Since the integration of RMS Cloud, we have also been able to give back a number of processes to each property, something that wasn’t possible beforehand because the technology was too complicated. This decentralisation has meant that we have been able to restructure the reservations department allowing us to upskill our teams more than we ever have done before, considerably improving employee satisfaction.”
    The VAT drop is another cumbersome process that RMS Cloud has removed from Roomzzz’s internal workflow. Up to 60% of Roomzzz’ guests at any one time book for over 28 nights and the PMS’s automation has removed the need to manually drop the VAT on every night booked – a valuable functionality that other providers weren’t offering.
    RMS Cloud’s open API meant that transitioning from Roomzzz’s previous PMS was straight-forward. Roomzzz had already integrated third party operators into its tech stack and it was important that these partnerships were not affected. The flexibility and scalability of RMS Cloud’s PMS allowed providers to ‘plug and play’ into a future-proofed solution that will support the company’s planned growth.
    Roomzzz customer’s have also benefited from quicker communication with RMS Cloud’s triggered correspondence functionality providing instant responses throughout the booking process and guest journey. Previously guests were waiting up to 24 hours to receive booking confirmation, which now happens immediately, and automatic communication can now be sent to prompt check-in and update guests on their stay.
    Zen Valli, Managing Director of EMEA at RMS Cloud said: “Roomzzz has demonstrated what can be achieved when a hospitality provider chooses the right PMS to solve its pain points and improve its efficiencies. The increase in automation puts the guest front and centre and gives the team more time to ensure they have an excellent experience, while the PMS reliably handles operations, payments and reporting in the background. The guest experience must come first and all hospitality providers should be finding ways to make that possible.”
  • 6/13/2024

    CardFree Announces New Smart AI Upsell Feature, Enhancing the CardFree Online Ordering Platform

    Cardfree logo

    CardFree, the all-in-one platform empowering merchants to create customized order, pay, and loyalty solutions, has announced the launch of a new Smart AI Upsell feature incorporated into the first fully integrated (loyalty, payment and offers) online ordering platform. The new feature leverages AI to analyze historical ordering data in real-time based on items currently in a customer’s cart as well as their location. Prior to checkout within the ordering platform, Smart AI Upsell suggests perfectly paired items to add to the customer’s basket. And, in truly a first in this space, CardFree is making their AI Upsell available (via API) to anyone - regardless of who they use for online ordering.

    CardFree first launched the new AI Upsell feature with Tree House Brewing, one of the nation’s top independent breweries, which operates several taproom and restaurant locations. With AI Upsell deployed at all of the beer maker’s facilities, the brand has seen an impressive 326% increase in upsell adoption compared to previous standard upsell suggestions. Subsequently, AI Upsell has launched with a handful of CardFree restaurant partners, leading to a 126% surge in adoption for a Coffee QSR, while food-centric establishments are seeing a 30% to 40% boost in upsell adoption. Some other impressive stats across include:

    • 257% Growth in Average Daily Revenue from Upsold Items
    • 118% Growth in Upsold Items
    • 107% Growth in Orders Containing Upsold Items

    “There is a lot of excitement about AI in the restaurant and hospitality space, but also a lot of noise and confusion,” says Jon Squire, CardFree Founder and CEO. “We’ve really taken the time and energy to talk to our partners and focus on an AI deployment that’s beneficial to the bottom line, today. This new AI Upsell product is the result of that hard work. The tool leverages the history of flavor trends and ordering preferences that are married together and mines that data to come up with a much more intelligent upsell. We are equally as excited about being able to offer this to anyone who wishes to leverage it, as this space has increasingly become victim to vendors forcing their own payments, loyalty, and offer solutions; limiting brands’ ability to innovate.”

    CardFree sees limitless opportunities in AI, with a focus on practical benefits that drive operational efficiencies, frequency and larger tickets. “As AI progresses, we’ll start to see things like cook times, order frequency, backend inventory, and other critical operational aspects leverage AI, so we’re expanding into those areas with our own products,” adds Jon Squire. In the coming months, CardFree will announce other AI-enhanced updates to its Payments, Loyalty and Ordering platforms.

  • 6/13/2024

    Jurny Introduces Next Generation of AI Multi-Agents: Transforming Property Management with Unprecedented Efficiency and Accuracy


    Jurny, the leading vertical AI platform for automating hotel and short-term rental operations, today announced plans for its next generation of AI capabilities and multi-agent technology. Building on the success of its advanced AI, Nia, and its multi-agent system, Jurny anticipates the upcoming release will fully automate up to 90% of back-office operations.

    “Our AI and multi-agent system is changing the game for the hospitality industry, enabling a level of automation never before possible,” said Luca Zambello, founder and CEO of Jurny. “Our AI agents are already ten times faster and more accurate than humans in handling guest communications and other tasks. With version 2.0, we'll dramatically expand their capabilities and redefine what's possible in property management.”

    Since its introduction just six months ago, Jurny's AI has seen rapid and widespread adoption, with nearly one-third of customers opting for Nia's fully autonomous mode. This figure has grown 300% since the beginning of the year. In this mode, Nia independently manages the entire guest journey, from check-in to check-out, including scheduling cleaning, handling communications, escalating issues when needed, and prioritizing tasks based on guest sentiment.

    Customers who have embraced Nia’s fully autonomous mode are reaping the rewards. They report a significant 25% decrease in operational costs and a marked improvement in guest experience, thanks to faster response times and greater efficiency. This aligns perfectly with a McKinsey & Co. report stating, "AI-enabled customer service is now the quickest and most effective route for institutions to deliver personalized, proactive experiences that drive customer engagement.”

    “Without Jurny, we'd be at a major disadvantage,” said Blendi Muriqi, founder and CEO of, a Jurny customer. “With Jurny and Nia, one person can now manage 100 units, whereas we needed two or three people before. This added efficiency has allowed us to scale our operations while maintaining exceptional service."

    Jurny's multi-agent system is possible due to its unique vertically integrated platform design, which allows AI agents to work seamlessly across all software components. This approach mirrors the direction taken by tech giants like Apple, who are embedding AI deeply into their ecosystem with the upcoming Apple Intelligence on iOS 18, highlighting the potential for widespread AI adoption.

    The next version of Jurny's multi-agent system, slated for release later this year, promises to be even more powerful, accurate, and cognitively advanced. This enhanced AI will be fully customizable for each property, allowing for unprecedented automation of up to 90% of back-office tasks while significantly improving the guest experience. This advancement will result in more revenue per unit, lower costs, and considerably higher profits for Jurny's customers.

    "This update could increase the number of properties a single manager can handle from 50 to 200. Our existing AI already enables one manager to oversee 50 units, which is significantly higher than the industry standard. With the new release, this capability will quadruple," added Zambello. "The potential impact on the entire hospitality industry is immense."

    As we've seen in the past, every time efficiency drastically increases, the market landscape changes. This technology holds massive potential for disruption because it allows one person to manage 200 units with the same resources that previously managed only 10 to 20. This dramatic improvement in efficiency means that individuals who couldn't afford to be property managers or didn't have the time will now have the opportunity. This technology will not only benefit the existing market but also drive significant growth, potentially boosting platforms like Airbnb itself.

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