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New Tech from Argo Group Uses IoT to Reduce Slip-and-Fall Accidents

Argo Group International Holdings, Ltd., an international underwriter of specialty insurance and reinsurance products, announced the launch of Argo Risk Tech. This custom-tailored technology enables restaurant owners to reduce the frequency and severity of customer and employee slip-and-fall accidents through the digital documentation of mission critical inspection processes.
Argo Risk Tech uses sensor-based location beacons, which work with smartphone and tablet based applications, as well as cloud-based software, monitoring all safety aspects of a given premise. Argo risk management specialists, who are experts in retail safety, claims and employee injury prevention, assist clients in installation and training to ensure a seamless, turnkey experience. Argo Risk Tech solutions save compliance data, which Argo claims adjusters can use to defend claims, reducing overall business exposure to risk.
Slip-and-fall accidents impact close to 25,000 people per day, costing companies more than $30 billion per year – there is a tremendous opportunity to utilize the Internet of Things to prevent accidents and cover costs, the company said.
Argo Risk Tech Solutions include:
  • ART-iWalk: Find the risk with a customized premises inspection that uses electronic location markers and smartphones or tablets.
  • ART-iReport: Report incidents and allow managers to efficiently document customer incidents.
  • ART-iReportWC: Minimize paperwork by allowing managers to efficiently document an employee incident.
  • ART-iTemp: Monitor temperature ranges by using state-of-the-art Bluetooth wireless communication.
  • ART-iINSPECT: Streamline inspection reports on a digital platform that relies on single-point-of-data entry.

Not only does Argo Risk Tech lower risk, lessen claims costs and help maintain safe environments for customers and employees, it also allows businesses to increase sustainability, the company added. Because all monitoring and reporting takes place over smartphones and tablets, clients see an average 10-15 page reduction of paper per day per location.
Argo Risk Tech is now available for businesses throughout the United States as part of the turnkey risk, claims and insurance programs for insured clients. It also is a new approach for broker/agent partners to bring a true added-value approach to the reduction of total cost of risk to their clients.

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