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New Software Brings Smart Screen Sharing to Hospitality Industry

Squirrels LLC, a provider of in screen-mirroring technology, recently released Ditto, a smart screen-mirroring service that instantly connects guest computers to meeting room TVs and projectors without wires, software installations or end-user configuration.
Ditto allows guests at hotels, resorts, restaurants and conference centers to walk into a meeting space and immediately present their computer screen to the main display, Squirrels LLC said.
How it works:
Ditto is a cloud-based software that works in any meeting space with Apple TV- or Chromecast-connected displays or projectors. Ditto assigns a unique room code to each meeting space that contains an Apple TV or Chromecast. Any guest with a Mac or Windows computer can walk into the room and wirelessly present their screen to the primary display simply by entering the room code on the Ditto website. Users can choose to share their entire computer display or just a specific computer app, such as PowerPoint, Keynote or Prezi. Additionally, computer audio can be sent to external speakers for amplified volume. When finished, the user simply closes Ditto and leaves the room. No permanent downloads are left on the user’s computer. Anyone else can walk into the meeting space and begin presenting at any time.   
Ditto ensures that guests no longer need to worry about finding the appropriate connecting cable to manually hook up their computer. A cable-based approach brings device-compatibility issues, and the appropriate cables often need to be replaced. Cables also limit the mobility of the presenter. Other third-party screen-mirroring solutions require software licenses to be purchased for each guest, which tends to be time consuming and cost-prohibitive. Ditto costs a flat annual fee per meeting space, and it does not require wires, guest licenses or special guest permissions.
Ditto Setup
Ditto requires a one-time configuration by staff or management. The initial setup process takes a few minutes. Ditto can be configured using the setup assistant application or by visiting the Ditto web portal to add a new conference room to the system.
User data and screen transmission is secure when using Ditto. The Ditto screen-mirroring service:
  • Does not store or track end-user information
  • Encrypts confidential user data
  • Efficiently communicates with Ditto servers to minimize transmitted data
  • Communicates with servers via industry-standard SSL technology
  • Never sends on-screen data across the internet
  • Only allows users to mirror screens to the specified room
  • Offers self-hosting for preconfigured end-user mirroring applications
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