Neurotechnology Releases NCheck Visitor Management System for Convenient and Accurate Biometric Visitor Access Control

Utilizing biometric identification, the NCheck VMS solution is designed to manage visitor access to any institution or company, including clients, guests, suppliers, tourists, travelers and more.
a man standing in front of a biometric sensing camera

Neurotechnology, a provider of deep learning-based solutions and high-precision biometric identification technologies, announced the release of the NCheck Visitor Management System (VMS). This user-friendly solution uses biometric identification from live video feeds to provide both security and efficiency in managing appointments and granting access to public and private buildings, healthcare and financial institutions, campuses, residences, and other venues that require authorized user, member or visitor access.

“The contemporary approach to visitor management demands a touchless and fast check-in process,” said Vaidas Didvalis, NCheck project manager at Neurotechnology.” Biometrically powered solutions are ideal for any visitor management provider today, especially in post-COVID times. Our biometric solutions address these needs by being highly secure by replacing other methods that can be easily stolen (such as keycards) with a technology that cannot – a person’s unique physical characteristics. This minimizes the chance of unwanted visitors entering premises and securely manages visitor data in compliance with data protection and privacy regulations,” Didvalis added.

NCheck VMS is a solution, powered by award-winning algorithms, that recognizes users via a live video feed and authorizes access. It provides secure access control and smooth visitor handling features, including:

  • Multiple biometric modalities support
  • Automatic electronic pass generation
  • Presentation attack detection (e.g., liveness vs. spoofed attempts)
  • Comprehensive reports and real-time visitor analytics
  • Online pre-appointment management

NCheck VMS is built as a flexible and reliable solution that can be customized to almost every client. Enabled with an easily configurable structure, this system allows for adaptability to a wide variety of application scenarios, including locations with requirements for:

  • High user volume – The high speed of the biometric recognition algorithms is suitable for visitor management systems where numerous people need to be registered quickly.
  • High productivity – Because of the high degree of accuracy in the identification offered by biometric technology, quick and convenient person identification is ensured. Such a feature saves the users time and other resources, therefore, the system is suitable for locations where correct identification and efficiency are paramount.
  • Contactless and safe environments  The adoption of contactless biometric authentication with face or iris modalities ensures personal safety and hygiene standards. The algorithm can identify an individual even when they are wearing face coverings, such as face masks.

Due to the efficiency, security and easy integration with existing visitor management systems, NCheck VMS can be adapted to many industries, including:

  • Education (schools, universities, campuses, museums, libraries).
  • Residences (access control for apartments and condo buildings)
  • Corporate office buildings (shared workspaces)
  • Legal sector offices
  • Construction sites
  • Medical sector (patient admission, hospitals, age care visits),
  • Hospitality (Hotels, restaurants, and leisure)
  • and others

NCheck VMS provides multibiometric functionality without the need for a full system replacement and costly hardware upgrades. Depending on visitor management needs, several pricing options are available both for NCheck visitor management Cloud and On-premises systems. In case of special requirements for the system, custom solutions can be developed to meet specific business needs.