Navori Labs Bridges the Gap Between Smart Content Automation and Camera-Based Analytics at InfoComm

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

Navori Labs returns to InfoComm next month with an emphasis on merging the consumer-facing and business elements of digital signage and out-of-home media. InfoComm marks the North American debut of Navori’s groundbreaking QL 2.7 software release, a new StiX hardware media player solution, and its groundbreaking Aquaji marketing analytics solution introduced last year. The company will also preview a second new StiX media player dongle to be formally introduced later this year.

QL 2.7 was introduced to significant fanfare in the weeks before this month’s ISE 2022 show. QL 2.7 introduces an expansive suite of new features that cross all core software elements, including a completely rewritten content management user interface, improved native media file support and real-time data feed filtering. QL 2.7 also enables direct integration to Aquaji, which helps businesses and DOOH advertisers precisely measure in-store performance, strengthen operations, and improve customer experiences. As a result, customers using QL and Aquaji now have the added power of combining AI and computer vision technologies built into each solution.

For example, Navori QL’s conditional triggering features, first introduced in a previous version, are now fully integrated to leverage Aquaji camera-produced data feeds in real-time. Conditional triggering functions are based on user-configured, data-driven rules to support dynamic, targeted content delivery for context-aware digital signage. Native integration between QL and Aquaji now helps users create and apply logic statements to automate content playout decisions. Real-time data feeds between the two provide detailed performance analytics to confirm success and aid with future playout strategies.

Aquaji’s core mission is to drive growth and profitability through stronger visitor engagement inside brick-and-mortar stores, restaurants, shopping malls, and other physical environments. Aquaji’s native AI and computer vision technologies enable users to count unique visitors and gather data on demographics, length of stay, wait time, and attention span KPIs over segmented time slots, for example.

New for InfoComm, Aquaji has strengthened security and GDPR compliance in alignment with evolving privacy regulations worldwide. Features include the immediate and automatic blurring of facial features, ensuring the privacy of each consumer and staff member upon detection by any camera connected to Aquaji. Faces continue to be blurred after data is stored, with privacy maintained for each citizen once in the system.

Media Player Development

Navori Labs will also demonstrate its latest hardware media player solution, the ultra-compact StiX 3700 Android media player device. Designed to simplify installations and playout strategies for businesses and enhance high-resolution digital signage content experiences for audiences, the StiX 3700 is purpose-built to serve dynamic, high-resolution 4K content without technical compromise. At nearly half the price of most media players ($299), the Stix 3700 includes power-saving display control functions and broadcast-quality 4K rendering (60 frames per second) and enhances viewing experiences with flawless media transitions across all screens.

Navori Labs has also recently completed the development of its latest StiX family device, the StiX 5700. StiX 5700 includes a new edge player solution that supports camera-based Aquaji analytics and professional-quality digital signage content in one low-cost, compact device. The device is positioned to bring the QL and Aquaji worlds even closer together.

“We were excited to return to the tradeshow circuit for ISE and now look forward to bringing our latest solutions to North American audiences at InfoComm, one of the most our important global conferences for communicating new products and features to systems integrators and end users,” said Jerome Moeri, CEO, Navori Labs. “AI and computer vision technology has evolved substantially since trade shows temporarily ceased two years ago, and Navori Labs’ research and development in both over this period will be on full display. We are excited to unveil the power of Aquaji for driving intelligent business decisions and demonstrate the combined benefits of our technologies to enliven the customer experience.” 

InfoComm takes place June 8-10 at Las Vegas Convention Center. Navori Labs exhibits at Booth N3318.


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