Naples Flatbread Kitchen & Bar Adds a 54 Tap Self-Serve Draft System to Flagship Location

Long-standing neighborhood staple updates dining room with new self-pour tap wall powered by iPourIt.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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After more than ten years in operation, Naples Flatbread Kitchen & Bar has just installed a new self-pour tap wall at its flagship location in Estero, FL. The RFID-enabled draft system features a rotating selection of 54 self-serve beers, wines, hard seltzers, ciders, and more.

First opened in 2009, Naples Flatbread is a fresh approach to casual dining with a menu that includes an array of innovative flatbreads, Wagyu burgers, gourmet paninis, and specialty mac ‘n’ cheese.

Their most popular dish is the California Club flatbread made with applewood bacon, chicken, asiago, mozzarella, and garlic parmesan aioli, and topped with fresh avocado, arugula, tomato, and a balsamic reduction. The ½ pound Wagyu burgers are baked into the signature house-made flatbread dough.

Veteran restaurateur and owner Ralph Desiano originally designed the concept to be compelling and different from the other dining options out there and at the time, flatbreads were completely new to the market. Keeping in line with that pioneer mentality, Desiano saw self-pour as an opportunity to reinvent the Naples Flatbread brand and be the first to bring an exciting, new experience to the area.

With iPourIt’s self-pour system, patrons can serve themselves a variety of draft beverages using RFID technology to activate the taps and keep track of their tab. The self-serve format allows guests to explore and sample the beverages as they please, without committing to a full pour.

The self-pour tap wall offers a hand-picked line-up of domestic and craft beer, wine, hard seltzer, cider, kombucha, mead, and nitro cold brew coffee, as well as a house Moscow mule made with Tito’s vodka.

“The iPourIt system is an excellent update for our fun and original dining concept. It’s a hip and trendy technology that compliments the brand perfectly,” Desiano shared. “It’s been awesome to see customers of all ages getting excited about using the tap wall. It’s like a playground for adults.”

After considering several self-pour providers, Desiano chose iPourIt over a competitor, PourMyBeer, because iPourIt develops their own technology in-house, giving them the control and power to be responsive and adapt the system to the needs of the operators.