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Nando's Successfully Migrates Millions of Reward, Gift Card Accounts to Paytronix Platform

Paytronix announced that Nando’s has been successfully running the Paytronix Platform within 384 restaurants in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Millions of Nando’s Card reward and gift card program accounts were migrated to the Paytronix platform to ensure continuous uptime.
Developed specifically to give restaurant and retail operators a greater understanding of their customer base, the Paytronix Platform also helps motivate increased traffic and spending and further differentiate brands in highly competitive markets.
Guests can pick up a Nando's Card at any restaurant and start earning Chillies straight away. Guests add a new Chilli to their Chilli Wheel for every bill of £7 or more. As they move further around the wheel, they bank bigger and better rewards. To claim a reward, guests need to register their card online or in the Nando’s mobile app. There’s a bonus Chilli just for registering.
The Paytronix Platform has been the choice of restaurant IT professionals for more than 16 years for three primary reasons:
System Architecture. 99.99% uptime relieves IT teams of constant operations demands for support that arise from unstable systems. Nando’s recognized a significant improvement on day one. Plus, transaction speeds are measured in milliseconds. It takes a material investment, time, experience, and talent to build a high-fidelity, fast, reliable system.
System Compatibility. Integration with the chain’s point of sale system coupled with an open API enabled Nando’s to remove its existing provider and replace it with Paytronix. As system components need to be modified over time, the ability to remove and replace a component without disrupting the entire system de-risks any migration project of this nature.  
Program Migration Expertise. Moving millions of guest records between partners is inherently risky. Paytronix has a proven, practiced, process for handling the migration of these complex programs – it’s quick while maintaining data integrity and privacy. Impact on the program members and operations is minimized.
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