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MURTEC Video Exclusives: Execs from McDonald's & Dickie Brennan's Offer Top Takeaways

The 20th MURTEC offered attendees a wide range of educational and informational sessions to help execs from across the restaurant industry improve business. In these video exclusives direct from the show, executives from McDonald’s, Dickie Brennan & Co. and the Location Based Marketing Assocation (LBMA) share insights from the sessions they led during the event.

Jeff Miller, Director Innovation Technology, McDonald's, led a workshop focused on “Technology in QSRs.” Miller shares his views that the near future of QSRs is all about adaptaptive technology and embracing change. He goes on to say that as demands from customers escalate, operators will have to experiment with new technology in innovative ways.

Derek Nettles, IT Director, Dickie Brennan & Co. helmed a session discussing technology in full-service restaurants. He explains that Dickie Brennan & Co. has been looking at and seen success with implementing pay at table technology, explaining that pay at the table options are important for fine dining in a smooth, streamlined and more refined way.  

Asif Khan, Founder, Location Based Marketing Association (LBMA) shares insights and best practices into the next-generation of restaurant marketing – location-based technology. Khan believes it’s imperative for the restaurant industry to understand where people are and find ways to link location to driving revenue. 
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