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MURTEC Executive Insight: End-to-End Digital Ordering

Our post-MURTEC 2022 series of Executive Insight interviews features thought leadership from some of the restaurant industry's top innovative solutions providers.
Christopher Sebes, Chief Executive Officer, NovaDine

Tell us about NovaDine’s mission?

NovaDine is a complete, no-compromise end-to-end digital ordering solution supplying brands with the best technology in the industry. We offer a solution that seamlessly integrates the clients’ Point of Sale system with their digital ordering and Delivery Service Providers with no additional above-store menu maintenance required. 

Our smart menu technology automatically adapts the clients POS menu structure to each marketplace allowing them to add/remove menu items and modifiers directly from POS to marketplace, with no ‘API Menu’ provisioning. 

We are integrated with Grubhub, DoorDash, Postmates, Uber Eats, Skip the Dishes and ezCater for Marketplace and Delivery as a Service integration with DoorDash, Postmates and Uber Eats.

Other customer favorites include ADA Compliant Interface, Patented Group Ordering, Cross-Channel Order Throttling, and Locker Integration

What are you featuring at MURTEC?

 We’re featuring our Plug n’ Play Marketplace feature.

  • Maintain their menu in the POS and our interface consumes it and all future changes to feed the 3rd parties with the menu structure they need.
  • Pricing can be different for each 3rd party
  • 86 an item or change store hours in the POS and it will show up in real time on the 3rd party sites
  • Order throttling based on time of day, days of the week or specific dates based on a combination of number of orders and dollars.

What are some challenges restaurants are facing today?  And how does your product help?

Most restaurants are currently dealing with increased volume, staff shortages and increase in the cost of goods.

  • With our Order and Pay at the Table, guests scan QR code, order and pay, with no assistance from restaurant/wait staff. 
  • With increased volume, our multi-channel order throttling streamlines restaurant/kitchen operations and keeps customers happy by properly setting their expectations of when their order will be ready.  
  • Our Curbside Pickup is POS integrated which allows the customer to check-in by clicking a button on the clients mobile site or app and the NovaDine system notifies the restaurant through the POS. 
  • Our ability to facilitate a very easy way of blending self-delivery with delivery as a service can reduce a restaurant’s costs by migrating customers away from the 3rd party marketplaces to their own ordering platform.
  • We allow our customers to mitigate the pressure on their margins by adding surcharges to their prices. These can be different by location, individual marketplaces, and even menu item.

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