Multimedia Care Introduces Automated Wellness Screening Station Health Checkpoint

Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor, Hotels

As the world's hotels, malls, restaurants and office buildings prepare to reintroduce customers, employees and other visitors to their physical locations following the COVID-19 outbreak, Multimedia Care announced today Health Checkpoint, an easy to use, multifunctional automated wellness screening and visitor engagement solution that enables them to do so sooner and more safely. Health Checkpoint sends a clear message that an establishment is doing all that it can to keep visitors safe.

Health Checkpoint sanitizes hands and shoes, scans body temperature, verifies the presence of masks, and supplies information from a programmable digital sign and custom QR code. This new Multimedia Care solution rapidly and efficiently performs one-stop health screenings without physical contact and can be deployed at building entrances or interior checkpoints. 

“The value of any technology in the hospitality space should always be based on how positively it can impact the guest experience," said Seth Rubenstein, Executive Director of US & Canada at Multimedia Care. "What Health Checkpoint offers hoteliers is an elegant blend of form and function while delivering multiple guest benefits intuitively in a one-stop, standalone station. The presence of a Health Checkpoint doesn’t just tick all the boxes, it sends a powerful, confidence-building message to all who enter – guests, visitors, staff – linking your commitment to health and wellbeing to your brand as part of your organization’s core values.”

Health Checkpoint enables organizations to do that via the following capabilities:

  • A built-in high-precision temperature scanner that reads a guest's body temperature and delivers a private alert if the individual’s temperature is above 99.5 degrees

  • A sanitizing mat to clean guests' shoe bottoms before they enter a facility

  • A device that dispenses hand sanitizer

  • A function that generates a QR code to allow visitor to scan the menu and/or the website of the facility to allow for a touchless user experience

  • A billboard, which presents numerous opportunities for organizations to generate advertising revenue, bolster branding and support efforts to drive charitable donations

Employing high-quality materials, sleek design and efficient function, Health Checkpoint saves clients’ money by eliminating the need for employees to conduct mask checks and read visitors' temperatures. And it reduces the risks to employees, employers and visitors in the process.

This Multimedia Care solutions speaks to the moment and the future, as the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 will no doubt remain for quite some time. The screening protocols and procedures created at the onset of the pandemic were stitched together hastily and are no longer adequate. Health Checkpoint's thoroughness, efficiency and adaptability exist in stark contrast to initial, on-the-fly responses and represent the next phase in wellness screening.

"Hotels, retail shops, manufacturers and a host of organizations in other sectors will – for a long time – be confronted with questions about how they're protecting staff and customers," said Rubenstein of Multimedia Care, a company with more than three decades of experience melding complex electronics and technologies with highly functional applications that consumers find engaging and unique. "Multimedia Care's core value is stakeholder well-being, and Health Checkpoint effectively extends our core values to our customers’ stakeholders."

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