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Multi-unit Domino's Franchisees Offered New Report Retrieval Software

The Ann Arbor software firm, Servant Systems, has released the Domino's Pulse Polling software, a new product enabling Domino's multi-unit franchisees to retrieve files and reports from their Domino's units. Integrated with the well-received Domino's Pulse Franchise Office System, the software will retrieve and store database backups and selected reports for multiple years with immediate access to the reports.

The new software runs continuously and is very fast, simultaneously polling multiple stores in real time as information is updated. Offering superior file management, files can be organized by unit, by year, and by type, and may be stored in .zip files. Polling status can be viewed and reports retrieved from multiple workstations in the franchisee's office. Domino'sPulse Polling software runs on Windows 7, Vista, XP, or Windows Server operating systems.

The Domino's Pulse Franchise Office System is currently used in Domino's US and Swiss multi-unit franchise operations. In the US, some 30 large Domino's franchisees consisting of more than 700 stores have been using the Domino's "Pulse" Franchise Office System since it was first deployed in 2005. The Domino's Pulse Franchise Office System integrates the multiple-unit franchisee's headquarters financial, payroll and overtime, general ledger accounts and other store information with franchisor Domino's Pizza's system-wide PULSE in-store order entry system.

Servant Systems, a Microsoft Certified Partner since 1992, is a software solutions provider to international franchise systems and other multi-unit organizations. Servant Systems develops custom sales reporting applications and other essential management tools that help businesses improve operational efficiency, marketing performance, and profitability.


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