mPOP Hybrid mPOS Solution Now Comes with Direct iOS USB-C Connectivity

Connect and charge your iOS device with the latest mPOP model, the POP10Ci, for convenient all-day use.
Michal Christine Escobar
Senior Editor (Hotels)
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Star Micronics, a manufacturer of mobile, point-of-sale (POS), and customer engagement technologies, is proudly releasing their newest addition to the mCollection®, the mPOP® model POP10Ci. Star’s mPOP® (mobile point of purchase) remains the industry's number one hybrid POS solution that combines a cash drawer and printer peripheral into one simplified and stylish system. With the POP10Ci, Star offers convenient and more powerful direct iOS connectivity while also supporting Windows and Android devices. This compact and fully integrated peripheral is ideal for tablet- and mobile device-based POS (mPOS) systems.

Connect your preferred tablet or mobile device, and the POP10Ci transforms into a fully integrated POS system. It’s compatible with all major operating systems (iOS, Android, Windows, macOS) and works with any supported POS or mPOS software, allowing retailers the freedom of using various platforms. With Apple MFi certification, the POP10Ci allows a direct USB-C connection with the iPad®, iPhone®, and iPod Touch®, enabling it to charge your iOS device while data is transferring. This convenient method uses the same charge cord included with the iOS device. Enhancing functionality, the POP10Ci has USB-A and USB-B ports for connecting external devices or peripherals, such as the optional 2D barcode scanner or LCD customer-facing display.

The complete mPOP® line combines a two-inch thermal receipt printer with “drop-in and print” paper loading and a unique, functional Flat Bill till. The till, featuring a 4-bill and 4- or 6-coin slot design, provides easy currency storage and management with the same small footprint. As an added option, Star Micronics also offers the mUnite EZPOS tablet display stand, fitting any mPOP® perfectly. 

The functions and connectivity of the mPOP® make processing customer transactions smooth and hassle-free for small shops, cafes, florists, food trucks, and more. With multiple exit options for enhanced cable management, it complements any countertop or on-the-go area for a visually appealing POS system no matter where you do business. Aesthetically modern and elegant, the mPOP® provides the ultimate POS solution for the new face of mPOS.